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Thread: Check Out My Girl....Part II

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    Update on Sarah

    Hi folks,

    Just a bit of an update since it's been a while.

    Sarah drives on a daily basis now, which is a hugh help. Since my kids go to a private school, my wife has driven the 'school bus' for the past 11 years, but no more. Sarah nows drives them to school and back and Rosie is in heaven, she said it adds about an hour and a half to her day.

    Sarah is doing well in school and is taking one dual enrollment course at the local community college. She took her PSAT back in mid October, but we haven't received the score back yet. She is back at coaching basketball for her school (asst coach for varsity, head coach for JV). The girl stays on the go.

    A couple of weeks ago we visited a local college that she thought she might like to go to. Randolph Macon has a small, compact, fairly level campus. The tour went great and we all enjoyed our visit. But the only drawback was the freshman dorms. Sarah had a hard time envisioning how her situation was going to work with the puny housing. But I have a feeling most college and university's are like this.

    We've received some info on Edinboro University in PA and like what we see so far. They were rated #3 by New Mobility mag a few yrs back for being disability friendly. We'll probably visit them sometime next Spring. They even have wheelchair basketball!

    The day after visiting R-MC, I noticed a hugh blister on Sarahs back from where her back touches the wheelchair back (which is the tall rigid original one from when she had no real core strenght), So we replaced the wc back to a standard Quickie one and she likes it much better, easier to get around.

    Thanksgiving is upon us and we'll be traveling to NC to visit grandparents. I love this holiday the most. It's a great opportunity to pause and reflect on ones blessing with those we love. Not so commercialized like Christmas, if you know what I mean.

    If anyone has any 'east coast' schools you think we should check out, let me know.

    God is good, all the time.


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    Glad we finally caught up last week. Being on the road for two weeks, one of them marathon related was exhausting.
    We set the standard and mindset and our kids follow, I saw it with my son. Easier said than done. I have a 70 year old woman who would give Sarah a run for her money, both injured in medical accidents, both rodded, both hesitant but one now in feet first. She would love to "share" with Sarah and is a typical grandmom.

    I suggest Wright State as well as Champaign-Urbana in IL. A bit far from home but worth it.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Randolph Macon

    Oh, one more thing about Randolph Macon that might not work out for Sarah.

    This past Sunday at church a lady told us that R-MC made some list at being the top party school in the country. Sarah was not thrilled to learn that. Edinboro U is a dry campus, so she's looking forward to a visit there.


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    It's good to hear that Sarah is doing so well. I''m sure she's loving being able to drive and the freedom that it affords her.

    In regards to Randolph Macon being listed as a party school on whatever list it may have been...Don't put TOO MUCH credence in that...those surveys are done yearly, they change yearly...I know University of Florida was #1 on the US News & World Report one for a number of years...yet they are a WONDERFUL school for quite a number of fields of study...I know Penn State claimed that they were a #1 party school for a while too...It changes all the time, and there are a number of sources that do those surveys...Just b/c it's "listed" as a party school doesn't mean that is all that the students do there...Don't let her disregard it b/c of that...
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    Time Flys!!

    Man, time sure does fly by. Hard to believe it's been 1.5 yrs since last update.

    Sarah is on her senior trip right now, Sunset Beach, NC with her senior class. She's having a great time, enjoys being on her own (though she's staying in a condo with 5 of her best buds). No Mom and Dad though, which is good.

    Sarah's been accepted at Virginia Tech and will leave this August 19th for Blacksburg. Her goal is Biomedical Engineering, but VT only has this as a Graduate program, so she'll probably settle for Chemical Engineering as a major when she declares in her sophmore year.

    Sarah has also been notified by her high school that with her 4.16 GPA, she should start working on her valedictorian speech for graduation. Mom and I are very proud, to say the least.


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    a wonderful update, very motivating and encouraging

    God Bless


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    Wow, thanks for the update. I remember talking to you the week after she was paralyzed. Good to see that great things still happened none the less.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    Wow, thanks for the update. I remember talking to you the week after she was paralyzed. Good to see that great things still happened none the less.
    Amen. God is good....all the time.


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    Hi Rick;

    Thank you for posting Sarah's graduation picture. She looks terrific and her future is bright. Our families have shared so much. I feel proud to know her and her Mom and Dad.

    "Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence." Lin Yutang

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    Ha, she looks like you!

    Well done on the parenting thing, Rick -- never easy, always worth it, so wonderful when it works out this well.

    I LOVE Blacksburg, by the way. Our girls' godfather is a professor in biology there, so I get to go every so often. Beautiful town.

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