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Thread: Check Out My Girl....Part II

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    Quote Originally Posted by john smith View Post
    Hi Rick;

    Thank you for posting Sarah's graduation picture. She looks terrific and her future is bright. Our families have shared so much. I feel proud to know her and her Mom and Dad.

    Likewise, Brother John, likewise.


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    Quote Originally Posted by kate View Post
    Ha, she looks like you!

    Well done on the parenting thing, Rick -- never easy, always worth it, so wonderful when it works out this well.

    I LOVE Blacksburg, by the way. Our girls' godfather is a professor in biology there, so I get to go every so often. Beautiful town.
    Yeah right, I WISH I was as attractive, lol. She has her mother's beautiful brown eyes, and her dad's conservative nature.

    Gonna be hard to 'drop her off' at college though, that's for sure. Her well being and independence has been such a strong purpose and goal for Rosie and I these last 5 yrs that I'm truly struggling with the inevitable, that one day she'll leave MY comfort zone and truly soar to her own place under the sun.

    Poor Hannah and Jesse, they've got 3 yrs left in the home, and with Sarah gone, they're not going to know what hit them.


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    Fantastic picture - your online diary has been a great inspiration. It is great to see what has become of the girl and family who have worked so hard.

    This is so very comforting for parents of young children with SCI who are trying to image what life will be like for their children with this condition. It is great that we have been able to follow your families approach to rehab and just getting on with life.

    Many thanks

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    Anybody out there? Update

    Well, first I want to apologize for being gone so long. Things have been fairly busy personally and my work has been stressful to say the least (mortgage industry).

    Sarah is finishing up her freshman yr at VT. She's acclimated very well to her new environment and has made some great friends along the way.

    She is in the engineering program and it has been very demanding, but she is doing well. First semister was a 3.09. She joined the VT Womans Chorale Group and we've gone to 3 concerts so far. Now that's a special time, God is so good. While she never got tickets to any football games, she's made it to about 5 basketball games and always got a courtside seat for her and a friend. Good times indeed.

    Sarah also became involved with a Graduate Research project which helps with a lot of her expenses. (They actually pay her to be involved!).

    She comes home in 2 weeks, though she has said she plans to do a lot of traveling this summer.

    Gotta go, will try to be better with the updates.


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    All great news Rick, thanks for sharing. Good to hear your voice here again.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake View Post
    All great news Rick, thanks for sharing. Good to hear your voice here again.
    Good to hear from you as well. I hope you're doing well!


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    Thanks for the updates Rick! My daughter (T-10 inc) still has ways to go to regain her independance but I'm going to show her how successful your daughter is for enouragement when she's struggling and feeling down. She's an inspiration and you should be proud! Best of luck to you and Sarah!

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    Waiting for the wedding procession. Beautiful day, very hot.

    Sarah and I at my friend's daughters wedding.


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    Junior year at VT

    Boy does time fly.


    Sarah is now a junior at VT. She moved into an off campus apartment this year with 2 of her friends. School is very hard this semister (chemical engineering), but she's getting it done. Friday will be her 21st birthday, can't believe it.

    She still has her sights set on biomedical engineering, looks like she'll be going to Wake Forest for 3 years of graduate school.

    Nothing much has changed with her injury, though I haven't seen her walk for a long time. She said she does when she has too, like when she goes to class by herself and gets in and out of the car. She complains about her shoulders even once in a while, but not much.

    She's had her first bf, though I didn't much care for him (of course, lol). They dated for about a year, but are just friends now. His loss. He's tried to reconnect but Sarah told him that she's moved on (thats my girl .

    God Bless Everyone.


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