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Thread: Airplane Seat Cushion

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    Airplane Seat Cushion

    Many of you have said to use the wheelchair cushion to sit on in the airplane.
    A friend told me that her son sits up too high and the back of the airplane seat hits his back in an uncomfortable way. Do any of you find this to be true and if so, would you recommend a thinner cushion to bring along? Many thanks!!

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    Another option is to put something under your feet if the cushion is too high.

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    Ya know..I never had any problems with this, but I just flew on Tuesday and it did kind of bother me. It was more about the position of the headrest on the chair..I was too tall for it sitting on my cushion. I still managed to sleep every minute while flying so it couldn't have been too bad! I don't know what you could do, but I wouldn't risk not sitting on the cushion-especially if its a long flight.
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    A low profile Roho is an option for some, as long as you do weight shifts and make sure you are not sitting on the seatbelts.


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    Thank you all so much for the input! I really appreciate it!

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    there are nice low profile memory foam cushions for back & butt that are perfect.

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