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    Dr Kerr is great!
    I tried looking for info about IVIG for Shana but can't really find any recent info.
    Shana, have you looked into plasmapheresis? We were considering it when we thought Brian had TM.
    Hope things are improving. You are in my prayers. Nancy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shana View Post
    Hello everyone,
    My name is Shana I'm new to this group. I have Tm and I've had it for 7 months now... It was an acute onset I just woke up on day and 4hrs later I was paralized from my chest down. I'm 26 and I have two children a 1yr old girl and a 6yr old boy.. My son has been wonderful at ajusting to this I couldn't ask god for a better child.. I know in many ways I'am very blessed and I know I will over come this.. I have been researching TM since I've been out of the hospital and right now I'm trying to get IVIG treatment. I would love any advice or any info that any one can give me... expecially if anyone has had IVIG... I also want to thank Anty for telling me about this group Thanks again... Can't wait to hear from you...

    Hi Shana I was curious if youve had the IVIG and if it helped? My brother recently suffered a tm about a month ago. Thank you Bryan

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    Hi Shana, I don't have any info for you as I am an injury, but I wanted to welcome you to our group here, and I am sure will get lots of feedback and friendship.

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