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Thread: HELP ASAP for formation of kidney stones

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    HELP ASAP for formation of kidney stones

    Gary, my husband, has NMO and had a bad bout with kidney stones 1 1/2 years ago. He had a bladder full and one in one kidney that was larger than a golf ball. After busting of the one in the kidney and lazering the bladder ones, he was clear a year ago. Now, we have learned that he has even more stones in the bladder and kidney. One in the bladder is 1.5 cm. The Uro is suspecting a medicine he is on. The only two that would be possible is 4AP or Cellcept. Does anyone know if these drugs cause this problem? He is getting ready for Rituxan, but will have to wait until this is all cleared.

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    How does he manage his bladder? How much water does he drink daily? Stones are more common with indwelling catheters and with insufficient fluid intake, and in reflex voiders, with high residual urine amounts. Once you have had stones, your risk for getting them again is pretty high.

    Does he have a family history of stones? Do you live in a "stone belt" part of the country? Does he drink bottled water or tap water?

    4-AP is not associated with stone formation and according to on-line resources, is also not a reported complication of Cellcept use.


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    Since he had this recently, he has been really good about drinking to keep the urine diluted. No family history. I cath him throughout the day. No diet problems with this either. His stones are not one type of stone. The Uro said they are an accumulation of different stones, so that kicks out meds to help it. Just frustrating as heck.

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    Gary's only has stones in the bladder and the right kidney. Could damage to his spine contribute to this? Most of his damage is on the right side of the body

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    This sounds very frustrating. The fact that he has all of his stones on one side seems unlikely to be related to his SCI. It's probably just random. It is possible that there's something about his "anatomy" - like the shape of his ureters or the condition of his valves that drain the ureters into the bladder... that could be contributing to the asymmmetry. Or maybe he had a bladder infection once before that led to a kidney infection and now that kidney is more susceptible...

    So sorry you are having such a hard time with this. Occasionally you can find a urologist with a specific interest in stones who can help guide you, but you are right - it is challenging if you have multiple "types" of kidney stones. Drinking well, and being as active as possible are helpful, as you know.

    But I'm really glad to hear Gary will be starting Rituxan soon. Good luck!!

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    Well, gary had 8 marble sized stones and some small ones removed from the bladder yesterday. He goes this Wed to have the large one surgically removed. Uro did some research on Cellcept and doesn't feel that this specific medicine caused the stones. But he said that sometimes chemo type meds can cause uric acid to be high. He put Gary on potassium citrate and since Gary's potassium is running low these days, it'll kill 2 birds with one stone. thanks for the links. I'll check them out.

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    Hi Amelia,

    Good luck this week.

    It sounds like your urologist is being pretty thoughtful. I searched around the medical literature website (pubmed) and couldn't find anything about cellcept and stones, and have never heard of that before either. Although this is certainly a "newer" med then other immunosuppressants/chemo meds, and sometimes it takes time to "find" some of the more rare side effects.

    Hopefully your husband will be screened more frequently to see if stones are recurring, to try to catch them before they get so big? And to maybe allow your doctor to see if any ideas for "medical management" are helping to prevent new ones.

    Hope you are dong ok Amelia.

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    probably can't blame Uro for lack of screening. Kind of expensive to keep getting "preventative" test. Yes, Medicare pays for most of it, but when you add it in with a neurologist, PCP, and all their test, past and present, it just is too expensive to stay well. No, I am NOT an advocate for Obama's universal health care. I have dealt too many years with gov't run health care. It is not what this country needs. Gary has to have meds ASAP when he has an attack with his NMO. I am afraid they would not mind him dying. I just want AFFORDABLE health care so that I could probably have some too.

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