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Thread: computer advice for quad

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    computer advice for quad

    I'm thinking about purchasing a computer for my brother, who is a quad. He has a little bit of range in one arm, could probably move a mouse from side to side, don't know about a click, though.

    I know there are programs and such available for someone who can't move much, but don't know if I should promote him to move the mouse and try to click it (for self esteem and needed exercise to gain more movement). Might frustrate him, don't want to turn him off as soon as I get him turned on to a computer.

    Would a laptop or a desk model be better? He wouldn't do well with voice recognition stuff because his neck was injured to the point of leaving him with a weak and raspy voice.

    I was going to approach a local computer man about this, but wanted to at least have some kind of idea what to tell him I wanted.

    Any advice would help.


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    Hi Vickie,

    There are a lot of different assisted technologies available for people with SCI and you may want to take a look at this thread to get some ideas. You will see that there are ways to navigate as well as type that do not require voice recognition. Your brother may be able to use a Kensington Expert Mouse but you won't really know until you try. Go into a brick and mortar store and have your brother use a laptop and then try a desktop. The only store I know of that sells the Kensington Expert Mouse is CompUSA and they are closing half of their retails stores. I guess the competition from Circuit City and Best Buy is taking its toll. If you have any questions, please feel free to post.

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    i've got that trackball, it rocks.

    i type with a utility cuff and stick.

    c5/6 complete

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    I too use the Kensington.... Have a marble mouse, but the Kensington is way better.

    Saddly, he may not beable to type... Wrist flexors makes a world of difference for typin, as well as decent arms.

    My friend, C4, use a head mouse/on screen keyboard very well.

    As for the actual computer, just about any new system i fine...Max the RAM if you can.

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    i'm c5 with the use of wrist extension so use a typing splint (thermoset plastic moulded to suppot my finger with an eraser on the end) and use laptop touch pad and buttons or the mouse keys on a normal qwerty keyboard on a desktop.

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    Hi Vicki,

    Try the website at

    Good luck,
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    Hi Vickie!
    A regular mouse might work if he's able to use both arms a bit - I know my boyfriend pushes the mouse around with both fists, then clicks by beating it with his fist. Large mouse buttons - or best with only one button. Works well for some card games, solitaire etc. A simple place to start if you have access to a laptop he can try.

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    Yeah Vickie, i think the normal mouse would be a bit difficult to operate on as moving it and clicking its buttons need a number of muscles to perform so first let your brother get his hands on to a laptop so that you can have an idea of how well he is able to use it and later you can decide which is the best buy for him.
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    i use a regular mouse....c/6/7. i put the palm of my hand on top to push it around, push my hand sideways so my thumb mashes the buttons, type with 1 finger. i have no finger movement.

    go optical for sure if he can use it..........
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    Quote Originally Posted by jon 0
    i've got that trackball, it rocks.

    i type with a utility cuff and stick.

    c5/6 complete
    I have the Expert Mouse, also, and I type with leather splints (keep my wrists straight) and sticks (actually pencils.)

    Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.

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