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Thread: small form comps.

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    small form comps.

    lookig for areal small cpu to use bedside w/my tv/lcd monitor.
    like a shuttle. any advice?

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    I agree with Scott! But if you're looking for a strictly Windows or Linux based PC, there are some small form computers out there, both AMD and Intel based. I don't know enough to recommend, but there are some Windows/Linux experts here that probably can.

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    How about just a cheepie laptop? That way you have both options, But yha Mac Mini.

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    I, too, agree with Scott. The mini is relatively inexpensive and quite a looker Will probably plug right into your TV/monitor with DVI inputs. So far, I've been pretty pleased with quality of Apple computer (my experience has been with a G4 powerbook and MBP).

    I used to be a pretty big fan of Dells (for those that don't want to "roll their own"). About 17 months ago, I got a Dell XPS200 and I've had nothing but problems with it. I liked it as far as being compact goes, but problems with loud fans (and the fact that it started crapping out on me for overheating about 4 months after I got it) probably mean it'll be my last Dell for a while. I think they are selling XPS210 with the compact form.
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    I am using a HP Compaq d530 Small Form Factor Desktop PC which I lucked out on eBay and picked it up for $175.
    2.66g, one gig of RAM, 80g hard drive, DVD/RW. You had a factory 96meg video card that I upgraded that to a 256 NVIDIA that has DVI and S. video which is perfect for the bedroom. Because you can't hear it at all. But you might try look in at a laptop. Just do a search on eBay for small form factor (SFF)

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