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Thread: Trouble standing in standing frame

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    Trouble standing in standing frame

    A couple of nights ago I came down with a mild fever (99.9°). I don't think I have a UTI, but I sent in a urine sample anyway, I should hear back from doc today.

    I didn't stand that day because I felt bad, but the feaver went away. Yesterday I tried to stand, and as soon as I got up I felt weird, not really light headed, just weird. I couldn't stand it, so I came back down. I got out the BP machine, and sitting I was 100/40. I went back up, but the BP machine kept giving me an error and wouldn't read my BP.

    Last night I was able to stay up a few minutes, but started feeling weird again. I did manage to get the BP machine to take my BP once while standing, and it was 60/40. When I came back down to sitting, I was 120/50.

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    the only time i get a bit woosy in my frame is when im constipated, seems like the pressure of pushing the guts back in and being constipated dont mix well. i usually stay up anyway and it passes

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    Your symptoms are a little bit worrisome. You might mention to your doctor that your "postural hypotension" is a bit worse than usual. You could try drinking extra fluids with electrolytes (like gator aid, broth, tomato juice) to see if you can't beef up your fluid balance; maybe you're a little bit dehydrated. It's best to check in with your doctor though just in case.


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    Doctors are getting strange, they wouldn't release the results of my urine test on the phone, but I got a letter yesterday. It said everything was normal. Usually if I have a UTI, they'll call me and tell me that they called in a prescription, but they still can't tell me on the phone if I have a UTI (but if they're calling in a prescription it's kind of obvious).

    I had trouble standing again Thursday night, but last night I was fine.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    The reason they are gun-shy on the phone is because of a law: HIPPA: which stands in part for health information protection. Providers are a little too afraid of being sued under the act for divulging health information. It's stupid, I know, and I don't do it myself but that's why.


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    I signed some paper last time I was there so they could tell me these things on the phone, but they still don't. The girl who usually handles the phone is too lazy to look up the form so she can tell me stuff.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    Oh, and mailing test results isn't necessarily better than telling them on the phone. My mom was supposed to get some test results in the mail. When they came, inside the envelope addressed to her was someone else's medical records. That means that someone else got her test rusults. I'm sure someone got fired for that.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    My son had some problems with light headedness and not feeling good at times with the frame. It usually happened after he had eaten beforehand or tried to eat while standing. I do know that it made a difference if he was stretched well before standing or let himself up and down some a few times before he stayed in place then.
    Yep, went through some b.s. with getting the paperwork they use to send automatically after a visit or the results of here too. It isn't right how a law takes away from a patient themself receiving information promptly. In Florida, there was a clinic that wouldn't give the kid's detailed results of his urodynamics because payment hadn't been rec'd in full yet through his private insurance and then medicaid otherwise. I couldn't believe that!

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