A couple of nights ago I came down with a mild fever (99.9°). I don't think I have a UTI, but I sent in a urine sample anyway, I should hear back from doc today.

I didn't stand that day because I felt bad, but the feaver went away. Yesterday I tried to stand, and as soon as I got up I felt weird, not really light headed, just weird. I couldn't stand it, so I came back down. I got out the BP machine, and sitting I was 100/40. I went back up, but the BP machine kept giving me an error and wouldn't read my BP.

Last night I was able to stay up a few minutes, but started feeling weird again. I did manage to get the BP machine to take my BP once while standing, and it was 60/40. When I came back down to sitting, I was 120/50.

Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.