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Thread: Who had Recreation Therapy when they were in rehab?

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    I made a flower pot, tie dyed some t shirts, we all took a picnic, and I think we went to a movie.

    I wasnt very impressed with it but it really helped my room mate make her transition.

    We also had a gameroom where we could play board games and it also had a pool table and I think foosball.
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    My brother was at two Rehabs, University of Wisconsin and Sheperd in Atlanta. Since he had many complications and drowsy from too many drugs he was not approached for Rec Rehab. He did get to use the pool in Atlanta, after I insisted and helped, and that was very therapeutic. Then at Patricia Neal Rehab in Knoxville they had an extensive program with waterskiing, etc. But once again I had to push his way in, insurance issues? I think it would be helpful for Rec to keep in touch with ex-patients with longer term programs, since the acute admission is so sort nowdays and some aren't ready to adjust their sports to a w/c, or have complications that preclude them. And that way there would also be peer support from those that have been injured longer and can show more proficiency and hope at a given sport. Community involvment for financial help with long term programs really would help. Tailoring the activity to individuals would also help.

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    In New York, we had a couple of Certified Recreational Therapist, and we went anywhere from Met games at Shea Stadium to several other events in Madison Square Garden or, at the Meadowlands. We also went to a state park, other than Central Park, to get us used to being outdoors, while being disabled.

    We are also lucky to have the United Spinal Association, which has a sports and recreation department. They offer anything from wheelchair softball, wheelchair football, Sled hockey, wheelchair basketball, track & field and Quad rugby. Just to name a few sports because I know I am missing something.

    You should try and get in touch with Bill Hannigan, he and United Spinal work with different organizations to try and get them started off in the right direction.

    He is the director of sports and recreation and I am sure that he would be more than happy to try and help you get started.

    His contact information is: Phone # (718) 803-3782 ext.1268 E-mail address:
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    We had a Rec Therapist...He was the best staff member my horrible rehab had...We played ping-pong, basketball, modified soccer(I can move my legs, but at the time had "snow-shoe" braces up to my knees due to surgeries on both feet),plastic pin bowling, went to the movies & lunch a couple times, and took numerous strolls around the lake that was just across from the hospital...I honestly got more out of the Rec Therapy than I did out of any other part of my rehab at that place...We talked a lot about adaptive sports, but there really wasn't an outlet to experience them. Not to mention w/the add'l injuries I had I probably wouldn't have been able to participate in most anyway...I STILL try to go to the support group associated w/the rehab center & whenever they try to get an adaptive sports/rec day together I try to get a larger variety of sports represented than the Social Worker will allow...The RT doesn't have any say-so in things like that b/c it's "community" not "inpatient"
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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher
    Skiing, cycling, sailing, kayak, tennis, rugby, fencing, apple picking, hockey games, some movies, mall outings, restaurants, museums. A couple guys went skydiving.Once, all the girl attendants took a c4 friend of mine to Ladies Night at a strip club. We'd all drink together off-hours. We still do sometimes, 4 years later.
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    I did therapy after my accident in Pittsburgh, PA. The recreational therapists there were wonderful (approximately 13 yr. ago). They scheduled outings (movies, dining, shopping, sporting events) and games geared towards improving mobility/mentally. A good example of this would be after my neck brace was removed I played computer games wearing a headset which moved the mouse on the screen. The games distracted me while the headset helped strengthen my neck muscles. We also played games with people with different types of disabilities (mainly head injuries & strokes). This exposed you to other things and also made me appreciate the mental abilities I still had. Personally, I got alot from those sessions.

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    Thanks for the great input...Keep it comin'

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks for all the great ideas. Trying to address some of what you have suggested, I am already pushing BARS to my clients...just saw Pamela this evening...she's great! Bill Hannigan from United Spinal acutally has already been to our facility, so thanks for the input...we keep in touch and he helps us out with resources...wonderful suggestion.

    It's good knowing all the things that stand out in your mind from rehab and rec therapy. For those of you who had a bad experience, I'm sorry it turned out so badly for you.

    Unfortunately, at our facility, since we work with new SCI's, and probably at many facilities these days, we are only allowed to take patients on 1-2 outings over a 2-3 month period, because of insurance, etc. It's good that our clients get out sooner, just for the sanity of being in the hospital for long stints, however, it doesn't give us much of a chance to allow them to adjust to the point that they are ready to actually hear what we have to say and be ready to receive, our information can sometimes be a little premature for some...but we do the best we can.

    I'm glad that information on the adapted sports is something that you took with you. Did any of you feel that the information was too premature, and what could we do to make that easier to swallow at an early stage in your injury.

    Keep the ideas coming. I have been a CTRS for 12 years, but I'm not resistant to new ideas. Even if you didn't experience it but feel that it would have helped you, I'd love to hear about it.

    Keep 'em comin'.

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    We went to a museum, an imax movie, and the airport to see about aisle chairs, people that push us, security and such. They set that airport trip up for me at my doctor's recommendation and it helped a lot when I started traveling again. In fact my first plane trip post-sci was solo.

    The big deal at the museum was making us handle the money. I THINK it was RT that arranged that, may have been OT.

    The best part of rec therapy was them letting me borrow board games the evenings my 11 yr. old son visited. Kept him out of trouble and both of us happy.

    They told me I could scuba again, it and travel were my passions. You are absolutely right, the scuba info was premature.

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    Even if some activities, like adaptive skiing, would be premature for us while in rehab, it'd be kewl to know what's available later. It helps to have things to look forward to, helps to know the possibilities which may exist for us due to adaptive sports.

    If RT's aren't allowed to plan activities away from rehab, what about bringing activities in which may be adjusted for inpatient?

    Is there a way for OTs to work with you to incorporate outings as part of readying for a return visit home before release? I had to show I could handle myself at my place before I was released with medical advice to do so from the nursing home. Even grabbing a quick bite to eat at a restaurant as part of such a pre-re-entry-into-lives-already-in-progress-outside-rehab outing would have been beneficial.

    I felt farking trapped in the nursing home. Looked for any excuse to leave the building, to be out of my room 'cause being there sucked watermelon-through-a-garden-hose big.

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    I think lots of brochures etc. re adaptive sports would have helped a lot, later. Also sci'd ppl that did exciting things and came in to talk to us would have been good.

    Mem, your nursing home sounds just like my mom's. How awful for you!

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