Top riders raise spinal injury awareness

Anna Tyzack
5 March, 2007
Mary King, Jeanette Brakewell, Francis Whittington and other top riders are hosting a series of training demonstrations to raise money and awareness for Spinal Research
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Top international riders such as Mary King and Ginny Elliot will be hosting a series of training demonstration evenings in aid of Spinal Research. The demonstrations are part of the Saddle Up 7 campaign which aims to alert the equestrian community of the risks of spinal cord injury.
Active people between 18 and 35 years-old are the typical victims of spinal cord injury, often sustained in sporting accident – principally horse riding, diving and rugby. More than 40,000 people in the UK are paralysed as a result of damage to the spinal cord, and around 700 more are added to this list every year. Each accident represents a sudden and devastating change to quality of life and expectations for the injured person as well as their friends and family. Saddle Up 7 aims to increase awareness of the risks of spinal cord injuries and raise funds for Spinal Research.