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Thread: How to Build a Standing Frame

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    How to Build a Standing Frame

    Does anyone know How to Build a Standing Frame?

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    I have a link for plans to one somewhere, if I find it, I will post it
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    I had a retired engineer and build my standing frame and the cost was about $100. That was a long time ago and today I recommended to a friend that she should build a standing frame to save the money among other things!

    CareCure is a wonderful community resource Center!

    Good luck!

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    These work best for someone with paraplegia. It is very difficult to get a person with tetraplegia up into a standing frame without a lifting seat.

    I have seen good standing frames for sale used here and at NM, as well as on eBay. Check them out. Also, if you have not been standing for a long time, be sure you get clearance from your SCI physician. I have seen people break a leg from standing if their osteoporosis is bad enough.


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    I have a home made standing frame. It is a wooden frame. In the frame, there is a hinged seat connected to a hoist. the seat is guided to get me into a standing position as I push the button to raise the hoist. I wear knee pads and block my knees. I strap myself in with 3 car seat belts from the junkyard. There are bars that I hold to support myself when I am standing. I am a T6 para. It is not too hard to get into and out of for me. Do you think you could get in and out of something like that or do you need more description? It cost $3-400 of material.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN
    CareCure is a wonderful community resource Center!
    i have no direct help for the question but i HAD to reply to PN's remark.

    CareCure is a wonderful community resource Center!

    ""it most certainly is""

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    Me and my grandpa made the frame thats in that .pdf file. It worked pretty good. The only thing is it's pretty impossible to get up by yourself.

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    my uncle built one for me and it works great not like as good as a standing frame but gets the job done

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