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Thread: Seeking Women with SCI to Participate in an on-line survey

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    Just took the survey, Liz. I wish you the best with your research, education and career.

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    I took it as well. Seemed legitimate to me. If it were another effort to collect spam addresses .... someone sure went to a lot of work.

    Good luck Liz
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    sorry to be so cautious. Took the survey and passed the info onto others. Good Luck!
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    Reply to All

    Hello Everyone.......

    Thank you so much to everyone who both replied and completed my survey. I pretty much am just getting this up and going and have been amazed at the folks out there (both individuals and facilities/associations) who have been willing to help.

    My survey was approved and posted in the research sections for the Spinal Cord Injury Information Network, SCI-Info-Pages and should also be posted on the National Spinal Cord Injury Association website within the next few days. I'm also waiting for approval from a couple other sites. If anyone else has any other ideas I will follow up on them.

    I have a call into OVR also (in PA) as I was told there is some type of list serve that they could possibly send it out to. I have to find out more about options with them.

    Again, I'm very sorry and sad that individuals out there would be scamming folks by posing to be recruiting folks for a survey/research project. I spoke with the research supervisor at Craig Hospital and informed her of scammers out there posing to be surveyors/researchers. She said that she would be passing the info. along to their Research Task Force during their meeting next week.

    Thanks again for your assistance. Please feel free to pass the info. along to anyone else that you might know. I hoping to have a good response as I have hopes that this information will be able to inform and impact those professionals who work with women with SCI. The research in this area is quite limited.

    Have a great day and I look forward to hearing from anyone out there who may wish to respond, comment, or just chat.


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    thanks so much Jen

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    thanks also to LaMemChose and sjean423 - sorry I don't know your names....

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    thanks to tinern for the info and to lynnifer too - that's great that you are from Canada - I actually didn't think "outside the box" when I was creating the survey or I would have thought that I may reach others outside of the US as well.

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    Liz, did you get enough responses?
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    Reply to SJean

    Hi there - that was very nice of you to see if I got enough reponses. I have been having a very good reponse to my study. I believe that about 40 women with SCI have completed it thus far. Thank you to all that have participated. My hope is to get at least 150 participants. That number of participants will give more validity/credibility to my results. I'm hoping for that so that I can hopefully get the results published and out there to give women with SCI a stronger voice in our community and world. I'm hopeful that the information that women with SCI provide will help professionals gain awareness and be able to more effectively empower women with SCI.

    If anyone else has any other ideas of places that I may be able to reach women with SCI, please let me know and I will follow up on any and all leads.

    Please share this info. to anyone that you may know.


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