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Thread: pressure sore healing

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    pressure sore healing

    my p/sore has closed,took 2 weeks,its on tailbone,its dry,have been stay up in chair 2 hr max,how long can i stay up now>?

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    In the center where I work we progress sitting about an hour after every three successful trials at the previous level: so 2 then 2 1/2 then 3 and so forth.

    If you are seated correctly in your chair, your tail bone should be OK. You can have someone put their hands in behind you and feel if your tail bone is free of pressure. You need to be careful not to sit up in a hospital bed--that's really bad for your tail bone.


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    whoops,i replied in private topic for hospital bed /tailbone issue ,sorry am still getting used to forum.


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    I read your reply in private topics and you are doing all the right things in your hospital bed. Keep up the good work there.


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