Southwest Neuroimmunologic Symposium -- April 26-28, 2007
at The Nativo Lodge in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jointly sponsored by: The Cody Uner First Step Foundation & Governor’s Commission on Disability

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The primary goal of this two day symposium is to bring together patients with rare neuroimmnunoiogic disorders, professionals who provide medical treatment and care to this population, and basic and clinical scientists who specialize in research of these disorders.

The symposium will provide a unique approach and an exceptional opportunity to foster communication and sharing of information between the significant members of the neuroimmunologic community. There are considerable benefits to be derived from the synergies of bringing together these groups who possess a variety of perspectives and experiences and who share very fundamental and common goals: a better understanding of these rare disorders, improved quality of life for this community of people, new treatments and ultimately a cure for these neuroimmunologic disorders. This symposium represents a major step in achieving all of these goals.

The symposium will provide a forum for discussion of many neuroimmunologic disorders as they pertain to mechanisms of autoimmunity in the nervous system. it will bring together patients, caregivers, physicians, primary care doctors, family practitioners, emergency medicine physicians, physicians, neurologists, nurses, nurse practitioners and other allied health professionals. it will focus on rare neuroimmunologic disorders, rather than on the most common disease in this group, Multiple Sclerosis )MS). However, participants will discuss advances in Ms specifically as these advances inform and educate research in other neuroimmunologic disorders.

The goal is to provide up-to-date knowledge on the diagnosis and management of diseases such as transverse myelitis TM), neuromyelitis optica )NMO), and acute disseminated encephalopathy (ADEM). Most importantly, this will be a platform for patients and caregivers to interact with other patients and with physicians and learn about novel therapies and clinical trials.

Who Should Attend

The clinical and science program is intended for scientists, clinician-scientists, research fellows, graduate students and other researchers interested in the shared and unique immunopathogenic mechanisms in these rare disorders, and learning about emerging immune, neuroprotective and restorative therapies as well as novel imaging modalities.

it is also intended to update primary care practitioners, neurologists, emergency medicine physicians, internists, family practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, gerontologists, rehabilitation physicians and other interested individuals regarding the diagnosis and management of these rare neuroimmunologic disorders. in addition, the goal of the course is to educate patients and their caregivers on the management of these rare disorders.