hi everyone. i'm a C6/C7 quad wanting to have children soon. i'm trying to explore all my options -- carrying my own child, surrogacy, and adoption. i'd appreciate it if any of you SCI mothers out there could share your experiences and opinions. here are the questions i am most curious to have answered:

What changes do you see in your body and overall health following pregnancy?

If surrogacy were an affordable option (biologically your child, another woman carries) would you choose that option? Why or why not?

What was the most difficult part of pregnancy?

What was the best part of being pregnant?

Did you have significant weight gain? If so, was the weight difficult to lose due to immobility? Did you develop pressure sores/skin problems due to increased weight?

How was your bladder health during pregnancy? If you had problems, did they subside after birth?

Did you go through labor or opt for a c-section and what factors went into your decision?

Any blood pressure/dizziness issues during and following pregnancy?

Did you breast feed? Why or why not?

How much assistance do you need in caring for your child? Are you able to prepare food/bottles? Do diaper changes? Dress your child? Pick up/carry?

i greatly appreciate anyone taking the time to answer my questions! i am looking forward to becoming a mom despite the obstacles i may be faced with!