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Thread: Air Travel and DVT

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    Air Travel and DVT

    We are planning a trip to Italy and would like to know what precautions we should take for our son (C6/7 2 1/2 yrs) regarding deep vein thrombosis. This will be our first plane trip with him and I am concerned. Thanks!!

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    Deep Vein Thrombosis - DVT

    I saw my doctor for a check up December 2006 and indicated to him I was going to China over the holidays. This is 36 hours of globetrotting and picking up connecting flights. I asked him about DVT too? He indicated to me not too worry about because I don't have swelling of the legs nor am I overweight or have any other type of circulatory problems.

    I am also C6/C7 but what I can share with you is to have your son go on a juice diet two days before departure so he doesn't have any accidents in flight. Morning of the flight a small regular meal. Bring along dry fruit incase he gets hungry.

    Avoid touching your nose or mouth with your hands because of bacteria in the cabin. Also bring along decongestant and throat lozenges.

    I also make a travel list on what to pack and bring along. In the United States of America there are no restrictions on how much you need to bring along for medical supplies. Be aware of liquid restrictions too?

    The most important information I can share with you is have luggage that locks or locks can be but on them. The $10 for five brass locks is well worth the lost of personal items.

    Tie wrap any loose parts to the chair like the side guards and have your son sit on his regular wheelchair cushion during the entire flight.

    If your son has circulatory problems, heart problems or is overweight please get professional advice from a medical professional

    Most important thing is to relax, take a lot of pictures and enjoy your trip!


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    Good advice for anyone who is travelling- make sure also that you stay away from caffinated beverages. They help to dehydrate you.
    And one last thought- make sure that your son does his weight shifts to the best of his ability. You don't want to deal with pressure ulcers when you get to Italy.

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    Thanks CKF and Titanium! Question: Is it common to have a bowel accident in flight? What do you do if it happens!!!! Yikes! We have been pretty lucky and his BP is very structured (every morning like clockwork). My son is in very good health - no swelling, not overweight, sleeps good, good appetite, etc. Do you think he should wear those stockings? I'm sure I will have more questions. Thanks sooooo much in advance!!

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