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Thread: My Adjusted Toilet Seat!!!!!

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    My Adjusted Toilet Seat!!!!!

    this is a lumex toilet seat that we bought online. it had 4 metal clamps to attach to the toilet edge. we wanted to make it portable so we unscrewed the clamps, and went to lowe's and bought some pvc pipe and some rubber stoppers for the ends. we also bought some bolts and washers to attach them with. we then put it together as you see below. the rubber stoppers add grip to the existing toilet seat and makes it quite secure, so anyone who can transfer themself could use this. now, i put the opening in the back at an angle for digi-stim. it makes it so easy to reach. i also got a hand rail that attaches to the same spot a regular toilet seat does and i hold on to it to lean over and digi-stim. as you can see, i bought a tub blow-up back cushion that suctions to the back of the toilet for comfort while im on. these combinations are awesome for me. there is aslo a plastic circular piece attached inside the hole of the toilet seat that fits in the hole of the toilet that also helps stabilize it. i suggest taking all the screws out and adding secure medal threading in the actual wood of the seat to give it strength.

    I hope this helps, and looking for partners in getting this marketed, i have a patent pending.

    anymore questions, feel free to ask.

    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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    What kind of seat do most people use? the one on my chair kill's my tailbone. I have never seen a cushion like that, Is it a seat or just a padded cushion?
    Thank's Duge

    T-12 incomplete 10-3-02

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    Wow Josh. This is very cool. Glad to hear you have a patent on it. Thanks for answering my questions. PLG

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    Where'd you get that TP holder? When they moded my bathroom, they didn't install a TP holder, so I'm keeping it on the back of the toilet for now.

    Learn from the mistakes of others, you won't live long enough to make all of them yourself.

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    jimnms, not sure exactly where, got it online, but go look at lowe's or Home depot and im sure they have some. good luck

    Josh Stevens
    T6 para as of 7/17/03

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