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Thread: feet swelling

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    feet swelling

    my feet have been swelling alot and turning reddish purple i don't know why this is happening so much, it's everyday

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    both feet or one?

    do they return to normal color after you've slept?
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    Quote Originally Posted by yiannit
    my feet have been swelling alot and turning reddish purple i don't know why this is happening so much, it's everyday
    Chad's do this when his core body temperature drops. Have you been cold? If so, try warming up and see if it helps, a nice hot shower is a rapid test of this.
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    Many people with sci have problems with their feet swelling. It's because the blood vessels do not have the muscles working with them to pump the blood out of their feet. Since the blood pools in the feet, they get cold.

    You should elevate them at night and periodically throughout the day. Also, take a look at your shoes and socks. You don't want them too tight. And try to stay away from too much salt - it certainly doesn't help anything.

    If these don't work, you might want to look at the meds you are taking. Some of them have as a side effect swelling in the feet.


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    yeah both do and in the morning they're normal color. i even tried wearing my tend hoes not sure on spelling the really tight knee high socks and that didnt work, i will try elevating them during the day thank you for the help

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    is it bad for you?

    besides the ugliness, is it at all harmful? i am in my chair all day and swelling is inevitable. and would a hot climate help any?
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    If you don't keep the swelling in check, you could develop pressure ulcers. Hot climates may not help, particularily if it is a hot and humid climate. That may actually increase the swelling.

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