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Thread: walking with braces

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    he does'nt need external support for sitting ,the brace htat he is wearing just for prevent scoliosis.
    we are thinking to com to u.s.a for continuo his rehab. for walking???
    is it practical??
    we live in israel.

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    I'm T-10 complete and I can walk with braces and a walker. He should be able to do it. It's really hard, but worth it.

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    thank you mattblan,what kind of braces you used??
    how long time you were in reh. for traning??
    how many hour aday you are walking??
    have you any pain in you'r shoulders??

    have you any photo.with your'r walking brace??
    sorry ,but i need answers .
    again thank you!

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    My son started in braces about 6 mos. after being injured. It does take a considerable amount of strength to use them. He is a T12 and did regain some hip flexors. To start it was a little scary, but in time, he has been able to walk fairly well. Supposingly, they will help with bone loss as you are weight bearing when you are in them.

    The braces he has are pretty standard. They lock at the knee so you have to stand and sit with your knees locked. We are looking into getting some Townsend braces that will allow his knee to bend so, he can sit instead of falling into a chair. I will look for some pictures of him in his braces for you to see.

    His rehab doctor felt that everyone with some feeling below the nipple line, should at least have the opportunity to try them. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Good Luck!
    "Our lives begin to end the day
    we become silent about things that matter."
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    Imahopeful thanks for this info. does you'r son has his legs?
    how old is you'r son??
    what kind of brace he has(the name....??)
    how does he deal with his injury???

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    My son does not have spasms in his legs. Perhaps someone else can address the issues associated with spasms when using leg braces. I know many who have spasms that are able to use use braces. I don't think this would be a reason not to try braces.

    My son is 25 and the braces he currently has are from the rehab center he attended. They are custom made onsite. There are some braces manufactured by Townsend. I believe a number of people have posted pictures of their braces. Search this site using the words braces and Townsend. No doubt, you'll find some additional information.

    Here is a video of my son walking with braces. This video was taken when he was learning to use arm crutches. Your son would start out using a standard walker which is significantly easier to use.

    I hope this helps!
    "Our lives begin to end the day
    we become silent about things that matter."
    - Martin Luther King Jr

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    Hey sorry I took me a while to get back to my computer. Brace walking is tough. I think they made me work on the parallel bars at least 5-6 times before they would even send me home with a walker. I'm not sure who makes the ones I have because they are at my parents, but they go all the way up to mid thigh. Before they broke I was standing for about 45 minutes a night and I was almost to the point where I could get up and down by myself. I need to get them fixed, I'm starting to miss it.

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    Matt, it's great to hear about your progress!

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