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Thread: I'm asking for too much???

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    I'm asking for too much???

    hi there to all

    i'm a quad c4-c5 and 4 years post injury frankel B (incomplete injury). I will try to tell u how much i can about my actual condition in order to improve as much is possible.

    I had a surgery for decompression 2 days after injury, and after 4 moths in a rehab hospital i've come home recovering nothing. I have to tell u all that i'm from an east european country and here is a big lack of rehab specialist.

    All progress that I have it's from my own experience.

    Now I'm feeding myself without a special glove for spoon. I can drink from a glass. I can put my legs up/down form wheelchair. I'm using only a manual wheelchair.

    i need ur help. all i wish is to get as more independence is possible. I know that it's a hard work and it's possible to improve nothing, but I have to try. Pls help me with your experience and advices.

    i've seen here, last in a past a c4 quad video transfer from bad to wheelchair...and my thought was that it's not possible for i wish to work/learn/try. I know that not all injury's are the same even at the same level and lesion type but i have to try.

    Which are the steps to follow? What i have to improve first? Ask me all...i'll replay as quick it's possible even with photos/videos .....

    many thx
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