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Thread: Why doesn't a "Work/Employment" forum exist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaz19
    I think it's a fantastic idea. Personally, I haven't found many services that have been able to give pertinent info on how to get back to work/school.

    It often seems that the system is set up for failure -- I'm all for listening to how others have been able to find a new career or continue with the added challenges of health insurance/care/transportation/access and other roadblocks.
    Agreed, Chaz. The "system" can be maddening, can be fraught with layers, piles, mounds of buraucratic idiocy.

    An example: For those who have Medicaid to provide life continuing essential care, accepting a scholarship to an ivy league uni can mean the end of those services. Yes, for some, a scholarship can be counted as income. Income.

    How are some to get an education, use the wonderful brains and intellect they've been given when a scholarship is counted as income and the person relies upon skilled care to continue to live, to breathe?

    I have yet to see a scholarship provide personal care, pay for essential medications, suction a trach, assist with b and b care. I have yet to see a scholarship pay for groceries, for food when acceptance of the scholarship can mean the loss of much needed, relied upon food stamps.

    There has to be a way, but what is that way? For those like Lizbv/Betsy and Cass, who have navigated the system to return to work, their experience can be extremly beneficial. What works for some may not work for others, but to know someone else has done it shows possibility.

    To maintain the possibilities, to have hope for a full life is essential to our spirits, to our being.

    I hope for the creation of a forum for employent and education. I have much to learn. I'm looking to others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaMemChose
    I hope for the creation of a forum for employent and education. I have much to learn. I'm looking to others.
    Agree and we learn as long as we live but put it this way La’Mem - it’s somehow strange such a forum don’t already exist, as for the magnitude of a change such discussions in such a forum potential could have I mean, by discussing with others? I think it should be looked into by adm and mods here. At the same time I guess it is difficult to decide which forums to have on such a website like this, but maybe this has not been discussed but feel it is important, and often as we know in life, just a single person with a single good idea can change things. Hat’s off to Wheelieboy for a good idea. I think it could help many.

    Edit to add: Damn it La’Mem. I know we even have ppl in astrophysics and rocket science among other things here on these boards? Likewise some working with computers with great knowledge and so on. Have also seen several and many of them given great educational advises, just imagine all the experience here on this board, like how different we are with all the accumulated know-how in many fields, if not all! One just has to direct it in a good way, like a work/edu forum. I doubt a high school for example or for that matter a college or a university could find better counsellors than some among the members here (not me, but I’ve seen good things here). Why not? If it doesn’t work, then shut-down the forum after a while (beta test), I think it could work though.
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    I think there are perhaps too many forums (Food, Books, The Color of Yesterday's Poo, etc.), but something like this would be wonderful. I think a Vocational Resources forum would be awesome.

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    Carol, I asked if you meant to sound smug...actually I asked if you meant to sound shitty LOL. What you posted then sounded even more smug.

    I'd like to know what you meant. We DO tend to read in more attitude than I think you intend sometimes. That's why I asked.

    I really want to be happy for you and proud that you are one of us. It's more fun to see people thrive than fail...especially other women, and a fellow gimp at that.

    I feel like Mr. Honcho above. We have many forums but this one could be great.

    That said, I also know the wheels of moderation turn slowly. I'm sure they're discussing.

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    I might be able to squeeze in the time to help in a Work/Education forum if the moderators and Wise agree. I have a MS in Vocational counseling, worked in the private sector workers comp for awhile, returned to school on VR and I work now.

    All that being said, I am an incomplete. Hasn't and still isn't easy, but boy do I wish I had had someone to light the way for me.

    Anyway, I am willing to moderate and share resources if the Management Team agrees to a new Forum and no one objects to me doing it.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue
    It's no point arguing she knows all. I normally don't post against anyone or say anything negative but for once I've read enough. Back to topic please.
    Well said addiesue..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiger Racing
    That's not the impression I get.


    ... why, why, why even write, let alone think as such? sigh.

    I don't know you, didn't realize you raced, am a bit envious but happy for you if you have supportive family in ways of finances as well emotional support, finding your way in life with sci...

    By writing as I am going to here, let me say first I am not looking to have a pity party. Rather to allow you to see one person(s) very personal side when it comes to the differences of- when it comes to the choices, the sacrifices- I have(d) and make(made)- financially, emotionally, etc.- out of love, trust and faith...and of course hope.

    My son wanted to pursue his career for a job he loves a couple years before it finally came together that he could...not because we didn't believe he could do it... so why? Because between me, his step dad, his real father, family and the system itself/his V/R counselor, etc. etc... well not a one of us could get our shit together, personally or professionally. Between broken promises made throughout the years with his dads, the resentment of one and the procrastiation of the other, it was all I could do to try to keep my sanity with them being an important part of my son's life- he loves them...
    Anyhow, there we were, the kid and I, the only ones who dared, who knew, who believed he could do the mechanic work he dreamed of and would someday have his own specialty business.

    Long story as short as I can make it---throughout the first years trusting family to come through with at the least yet most emotional support with our efforts in readying for/his attendance at a school just an hour away, and the local V/R helping us figure it out...well...what a waste of time.

    Then an offer/opportunity came for a job south in another state for me and the thought of one of the leading technical schools being within the marriage deteriorating rapidly, I thought what the hell... I am going for it! Maybe there, we can try again all around, for the kid, with my marriage, etc. I found renewed hope in starting over. We went literally on a wing and prayer. There was just enough money to move, pay rent and start over by selling our home.

    But what a trusting, optimistic fool I can be, , the "job" promising an eventual liveable income added to my husbands, offering me connections in areas of research for my kid and helping others, well, let's just say it wasn't as professionally set up as needed. (Although, gratefully, I did make research connections/friends I'd hoped for... hello all! and tried to help others.)
    Yet somehow in the midst of chaos and now being in unfamiliar big city, state surroundings ad a whole different "system" my son and I managed to eventually find a V/R counselor who believed in him and he enrolled in the technical school of his dreams. Fast forward to my hub telling me he was going home with or without me... well we packed up, the kid having to move back temporarily while we prayed V/R would come through with a manual standing chair awaiting his return in a few months. So I did what I could from Mn. at least knowing where we needed to find housing and when... taking it one day at a time.

    What a nightmare I returned to, those three months with all the old stress/relationship problems coming back to haunt me full force...and it should've been no surprise when the ex, his family backed out at the last minute helping financially to get the kid back south, somehow forgetting promises made when the kid was first injured and thereafter with the first attempt falling through...but somehow between my one sis who has always been with us heart and soul, with what the kid and I had borrowed/put away- barely enough to get there and praying there would be enough for renting a house we had less than two weeks to find/let alone qualify for- my son, his two friends/roomies and I were once again traveling into the unknown on a wing and prayer.

    Between motel hell of hookers, drugs, etc. we were stuck in and not daring to even spend a cent on a night out- the hotel charging our room double- we found a rental home half ars accessible. Yaaaa- so I had to try saving money by trying to bleach out a maggot infested refrigerator when the house rental's broke, ewww, not cool- figure something else out and blah, blah, blah.

    But guess what?

    When the time came for my son and I to say our goodbyes, when my heart literally felt like it broke in a good but when will I see you again way (he could finally be free~)- my son said to me, with tears welling in his eyes, "Thanks ma. I know it hasn't been easy but this is my chance and I'm going to do my best. I'll be okay."

    And he has, and he's making things happen, trying so hard to not ask anything from me...

    he doesn't know it but I've been living the past couple months in a place without water- I pay very little rent for- (doing so because the owners don't know- as out of gratitude for their helping me so that I am able to help my son and the cost that would be to repair a broken water line mid-winter, I don't want to cost them extra...I will dig up the old farm water line that froze/cracked and replace it in the spring), now I am catching up/paying off bills so I can hopefully get my own place and start over again as my son does all he can to find his way towards his working full time one day.

    Sooo, my point of this sharing this with you is, I hope this changes your impression, (no matter the dumbass I've been relationship wise...) assistance and guidance from family, the system and what have you isn't so easy to navigate, nor reliable/accountable and for most us it comes down to sacrificing one thing for another.

    edit as somehow when the server went down it didn't take...

    In ways, the kid and I had it easier than many do...we had eachother. I could never judge someone who just might not have even one person to guide them, family/system or at a different level of injury with limited independence~

    I hope this helps to change impressions...
    Btw, as said I am not looking for a pity party, nor a pat on the back let alone to fight.
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    "I want to make a difference! However small it may be~ as long as it's a positive one, then this is what my life will have been about and I will go knowing I did my best.~ T.

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    I took this to Moderators to see if their was an interest in the Forum.
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Quote Originally Posted by cheesecake
    I took this to Moderators to see if their was an interest in the Forum.
    Yay! Thanks, Cheesecake.

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    I think it's a good idea. As a C5/6 quad who works I'm not ashamed to say that there's times I would be very happy not to work and I don't judge anyone who chooses not to. Working with SCI is not easy but I think it's kept me sane and sociable - not to mention solvent.

    I was lucky, I returned to a very good job post injury. I'm arrogant enough to believe I would have secured myself a job if I'd had to start again but I would also have sought insight from CC
    C5/6 incomplete

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