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Thread: Why doesn't a "Work/Employment" forum exist?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe
    4 of the persons on the project from last year tried to work there. NHF found something wrong with all of them. And the other thing is that most of the people working there are AB's and it is not very accessible in their office either. It is one blind woman and three in wheel chairs and the rest is AB. They have a HC bathroom though and a lift but not any parking places. And I can't discuss this anymore because I am getting so angry, I am not going to sleep tonight.
    You are free to write about it in the SCI magazine, which by the way is distributed to politicians as well

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    I think such a forum would be a great idea.
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    Here in Vancouver, the new federal privacy laws prohibit counsellors from visiting a new spine injured person unless they are asked for by the patient. So people are falling through the cracks. Especially with a cure supposedly around the corner, kids are just denying the need for help. Hospital staff can only make them aware of programmes, the rest is up to the patient.

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    well, this is interesting since "global partnering" is the proposed wave of the future and a big deal at my company. i'll run this past a co-worker who ran many businesses in asia.

    are we gonna get a work forum, wise, mods?

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    Is this going to happen?

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    I work every day, no benifits. I work for people who use me for proffit . Sux's.

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    Don't know if this is the right place to post, but my company is looking for a couple of free lance writers, anyone here a writer? If so, just send me a message

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    Quote Originally Posted by EXP Mac View Post
    Don't know if this is the right place to post, but my company is looking for a couple of free lance writers, anyone here a writer? If so, just send me a message
    I did, so let's see what happens...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wheelieboy View Post
    I notice that a lot of subjects come up from periodically regarding issues in the workplace and was wondering why a work/employment forum doesn't exist. I am sure there are just as many people here who want to work as there are working, and are just unsure or as to what to expect within the workplace coming back with an SCI. Questions regarding employment issues usually appear in the "Life" forum and while work is a part of life, life certainly shouldn't evolve around work. Is there just not a desire or need for one? I'm just asking....
    I 100% with Wheelieboy on this; I would prefer to see an Employment forum out here. So tired of people stating with that shocked look in their eyes; "you work" jobs should be the norm not the exception. This is not to say there is no room for an SSDI forum just would like to see the mindset be that SSDI is there as a fall-back for those who cannot work not an expectation for those who suffer an SCI.

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