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Thread: New Pain Below Injury Level - HELP!

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    Exclamation New Pain Below Injury Level - HELP!

    It's been 1 1/2 years since my accident. I am a C6/C7 incomplete in sensation. I have been receiving erchonia laser treatment and think that it may have woken something up, because I've been having pain in my right leg. Sometimes it's just my thigh and times just my shin, sometimes both. It's an 'achy' kind of pain, not the burning that I feel in other places in my body. I can also feel when someone is pushing on my thigh (deep pressure), that is new as well. Those of you who have gotten return, is it true that pain is one of the first sensations that you feel? If so, what does it feel like? and did it continue to return until you got full sensation? Please let me know. Thank you.
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    Yes, I lost, then regained some of the use of what muscles I have in my left arm from a C6 level severe (wrist extension and bicep).

    At the 1.5 year mark of my injury, over about a 3 month period, I noticed my left wrist extension muscle weakening, then completely quit working. My bicep muscle was weakening, also. I was losing touch sensation in these areas, also.

    Turned out I had developed a syrinx around the cord where it had been severed and fused, the C5/C6 area. It was putting pressure on the cord, causing the symptoms.

    A shunt was installed to allow the fluid in the syrinx to drain (into muscle tissue elsewhere). Over the next few months, the syrinx shrunk and quit putting pressure on the cord.

    Over a period, my wrist extenders started working again and biceps regained strength. They were extremely 'achy' while rebuilding and for the next couple of years. There was and still is a lot of pain and strange feelings in that arm (electrical jolts, twitching, tingling, pain to touch, etc.). I'm fortunate to have regained muscles, though. Hope this helps.

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    I recently had a syrnix removed and have had strength return and movement. But I am still having a huge problem with sweating below my injury when I'm in pain, dressed and sleeping. Also having chill bumps all over my legs and sometimes arms (injury t-5 & 6) that feels like thousands of tiny ants crawling all over me. Did you have this problem and if so did it go away? Please help. Thanks.

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    found the answer to ant pain

    A small sore is causing the ant pain. Recently my pain management specialist gave me a tinny tiny pill that stops the sweating. My problem now is pain--pain from healing or permanent pain is the question I'm trying to get answered.

    (I researched the causes for the sweating and about the pill. As with the syrnix I had to tell the doc about that too. Not saying I'm a genius...just pointing out that most docs don't seem to give a damn about ppl with SCI's.)

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