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Thread: any fellow texans around?

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    any fellow texans around?

    just wondering if there are any other texans around and what part you live in..........
    my husband says he is a bother to his friends. that he can tell by the way they act when his is around them these days since his accident. he was trying to get out about once a week and go shoot pool and throw darts and stuff he used to do, but seems like he doesn't want to do that anymore. his friends don't call him like they used to and it is upsetting to him. just wondering if there was anyone around where we live (which is a small town about an hour west of houston)

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    Yep, there's a few Texans around here. If we weren't so far away, we'd be happy to get out and about with y'all.

    Unfortunately, the loss of friends is part of this new life we have. I lost more than I kept. But the ones who stayed are "to the core". But even with those, we do not try and do everything they do. I find I am much more of an earlybird these days, so if friends are doing a late nighter, I wish them well and will catch them another time.

    Make sure that y'all try and instigate things too. Most times people just don't quite know how to act/what to do around you now. Ya gotta let 'em know that things like outings can still be "almost" like they used to be. Give your friends a chance, but gotta accept that some of them won't/can't handle it.

    edit: just reread where your hubby thinks he's a bother. Make sure that he is not projecting his own feelings onto his friends. Just like before sci, how you feel about yourself is how others will feel about you too. Am I a "bother" to my friends? No. Do they care that they may have to pull me up a step? No. did it bother ME at first, having to have them do this? Yes. Gotta get over that.

    My m-i-l lives in Houston, so if we can ever get a chance to hookup, I'm game.
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    Not any more, I lived in Kingwood for 10 years. If God is good I may well end up back down there. I hope your husband gets over the shyness, I'm that way too.

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    Settling in back at home took time... while we were adjusting and learning, alot of the kids friends were too. McDuff is right, one has to reach out and initiate the want, I still can or will find my way with and/or without your help and let's go attitude. Otherwise I think some worry too much or just need some direction... as you are all learning the differences with what may be or is for you- they are too.
    My kid isn't all that far from you. He's a pretty good pool player~ his life is (too/ ma's opinion) busy more often than not but he would meet up to play pool some weekend if your hub would want. He's a way cool young man, I'll let him know~ pm me if interested.
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    yeah i live in el campo which has to be close to you. are you in columbus?

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    we actually live in wallis...

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    Victoria Texas here !!! we do go up to houston every now and then!

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    i'd tell your husband not to stop the things he likes to do, and to start making the calls or find new friends to do things with.

    it's not easy but it's worth it.

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    where is DA when you need him?
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