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Thread: My stem cell treatment trip

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    Patelville. Do not feel cheated. We all want to take risks knowing there is very little chance of success. My issue is as a dentist I know studies and each one makes a small point towards hope. Then it gets blown out of proportion. Invivo therapeutics just claimed blatantly they cured acute and chronic sci in monkeys. They said (Frank Reynolds ceo) that the best performing walking monkeys were the
    biocompatible polymer scaffolding device seeded with
    autologous hNSCs to treat acute and chronic SCI. If that's true where are all the support hailing this cure? I know a treatment is out there but I need to see successful trials first. Do not give up hope.
    Primates have an intristic healing factor much greater than people do. In addition, only a 50% hemi-section was used and the central canal was spared instead of an actual human like contustion model. It would be premature to support hailing this as a cure or hyping it to be something it's not. This injury is only 50% of the cord that was lateral hemi-section between T9-T10 instead of an actual more serious contustion in these monkeys. The model resulted in Brown-Séquard syndrome: paralysis of the animals’ left hind limb and loss of sensory function in the animals’ right hind limb. (Also, this injury is not permanent in monkeys, as already reported by the Tuszynski lab).

    The Company first plans to conduct a pilot clinical study to evaluate the device in ten acute open-wound SCI patients. The Company is also planning a larger follow on pivotal human study in acute SCI patients after the pilot study is completed.
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    Grammy the interview he did was very confident in claims

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