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Thread: need help finding thread

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    need help finding thread

    Hi Everyone -

    A while ago, I remember seeing a post that was something like "are you ready for a cure" that (as I recall!) had a list of things that you should be doing to keep your mind and body healthy for when (if) great strides are made in curing SCI. I can't find it now and would like to get a hold of it for my Dad (c-4 complete in Sept.) Can anyone direct me? I've tried to do a search of the threads and can't come up with it.

    Thank you!!

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    I think the link above may be it. Good luck to your Dad and family!

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    Thanks for the link but that wasn't the one I was looking for. It was not from Dr. Wise or the Nurse. It was from someone else, a male as I recall.....? Does that jog anyone's memory? Thanks in advance!

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    Maybe This one ?

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