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Thread: Rehab in South Carolina

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    Rehab in South Carolina

    I have a friend in South Carolina, do you know a good rehab place there??



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    Is your friend close to GA? There are some great ones less than an hour from SC.

    I will rule the road!

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    Thanks, i´ll ask her....
    Do you have the name of the center?


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    I would recommend sticking with CARF accredited centers.

    If she can get her insurance to fund it, the first choice would be the Shephard Center in Atlanta, GA. It is CARF accredited as well as being a Model SCI System Center:

    The only CARF accredited SCI rehab program in South Carolina is this one:
    Roger C. Peace Rehabilitation Hospital Greenville Hospital System
    701 Grove Road
    Greenville, SC 29605


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    thank you nurse.


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