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Thread: Temperature spikes and upset stomach?

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    Temperature spikes and upset stomach?

    I am C5 Motor, five years post. I do a bowel program every morning. About three weeks ago, I woke up at 5:30 a.m. with severe upset stomach. We started bowel program and I had diarrhea and upset stomach the rest of the day. My temperature also spiked to 102 within about three hours. It finally broke late that night and the next day, other than just being weak, I was fine. I figured it was just a virus. Yesterday, I woke up and felt fine and went outside for about an hour before coming back inside. I felt hot, took my temperature and it was 100.6. Within about two hours, it was 103.5 and stayed there until bedtime. This morning I woke up with an upset stomach and diarrhea again. The fever was still 102.5 for most of the day but has finally come down to 100.6. Any suggestions on what this might be?

    My medicines have not changed and the only other thing that I noticed was that I had scrambled eggs before each incident. Also got bit by a couple of mosquitos yesterday. Could this be some kind of an allergic reaction? Can an allergic reaction cause fever?

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    West Nile Virus symptoms

    Sounds like you can rule WNV out, but being a south Texan, you can understand why a south Louisianian like me would wonder.

    Hope you get feeling better soon Carl.

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    It sounds like some sort of GI bug. I would be concerned about the temperature and you getting dehydrated. If it continues, the docs would probably want to get a stool specimen to see what's in there.


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    Help! OK, after a day or so last week the upset stomach and fever were gone. I went to my Dr. anyway and he did blood test and stool samples. I have not heard the results yet, but they usually call if there is a problem.

    Tonight, I ate dinner about 7:00 pm(spaghetti) and within an hour I began to have small stomach spasms. They began to get worse about 10:00pm and were severe within a few minutes after transfering to bed. We took my temperature and it was 100.2. I decided to do bowel program to see if I could get some relief and I had good results but no diarhea. We finished it around midnight and took temperature again and it is now 102.2 and I am shivering. Stomach spasms went away during bowel program but are back strong again. They seem to hit hardest the deeper the breath I take. Any clues on what this might be?

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    Has your gall bladder been evaluated? These are not the usual symptoms, but anything unusual that follows a meal, and causing cramping type pain should at least raise the suspicion of GB problems. An ultrasound would be needed. Call your physician right away when you have fevers this high (don't wait overnight).


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    I went to see my doctor yesterday afternoon and he suggested that we get an ultrasound and hydescan(sp). I am trying to get them set up for early next week.

    Biggest problem right now is I can't get the fever to break for any length of time and I basically feel awful. Yesterday afternoon the fever dropped down to 99.3, but last night was back up to 102.4. I slept on ice packs and got it down to 99.6 about 4:00 a.m., but this morning it is back up to 101.9.

    If it is gallbladder, are the temperatures a characteristic? Or is this dysreflexia? And although I have no sensation below my injury level, I am having severe pain in my hands, feet, and butt?

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    Carl -- What was your MD's explanation for the fever spikes? Were all the blood and urine tests essentially negative? Why the wait for the abdominal ultrasound?

    Was is it a radionuclide scan of the gall bladder your doctor wants? I have never heard of a hydescan. I can't find it on the web either. The radionuclide scan would rule out a bile duct obstruction or acute cholecystitis (inflammation of the gall bladder).

    My concern for you is that you continue to have high fevers. These are usually indicative that there is some infection going on somewhere. Yes, with temperature disregulation you will see temperature fluctuations, but not that high.

    Can you go to an urgent care center or ER? I would certainly call your MD's office back one more time to say you are not feeling any better along with the increase in pain. It is a holiday weekend and I would hate to see things get worse before you can get those two tests scheduled. Keep us posted. PLG

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    Thanks PLG. All of the blood work and stool samples came back negative, not showing anything abnormal. My physician just said that the fevers were probably related to the gallbladder not function correctly.

    The hospital just call back and I have an ultrasound set up for Tuesday morning. The other test is a HIDA scan with gallbladder ejection fraction. From what I understand, they inject contrast and watch how it goes through the body.

    I have called TIRR and left messages last couple days, but they are terrible at return phone calls. One of the secretaries told me I could get in in December.

    I will leave another message with my primary care physician and see what he says. My biggest problem with the an urgent care centers and E.R. doctors is that they don't understand spinal cord injury and would want me to go in hospital even if there is no good reason.

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    Thanks Carl for the update. I hope things go smoothly for you over the weekend. Go to the ER if your symptoms worsen. Keep us posted. PLG

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