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Thread: New Pressure Ulcer Staging Standards

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    Thank you very much, was very helpful. Esp the pics, had trouble finding any.

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    Wound Images

    SCI--Can I use your photos for an educational handout at my Home Health agency?


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    use of photos

    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Here are some PDF example photos of both Unable to Stage and Deep Tissue Injury pressure ulcers, which are both new categories in the NPUAP standards. WARNING: these are graphic photos.


    SCI- Nurse-- can I use your photos for an educational handout for our home health staff?

    Thanks. JL

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    Dolphin mattress( sub immersible mattress)

    Has anyone used this mattress? I know several VA's have? I would like more info on use in rehab and use in acute care.

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    Any changes in buttocks implants over the past few years?

    All of the threads that I've read referring to butt implants weredated between 2004 and 2009 which has me wondering if there's been any type material makeup that wouldn't cause as many issues as dated buttocks implants from years ago? The reason I ask is, in 2002 a surgeon who was debreeding a rather small pressure ulcer on my right buttocks made a rather drastic mistake, slicing into an artery that had me lose between six and eight units of blood and nearly bleeding to death had it not been for a very quick thinking physical therapist who was in the room as the surgeon turned and walked away, out of the room but that is done and over with and life goes on.

    Afterwards, I became anemic which caused me to gain four other nasty pressure ulcers on both of my buttocks even though I wasn't sitting up in my chair at the time. I then had a number of surgeries, including a number of flaps which failed along with other surgeries in order to hold Humpty Dumpty back together again. Without any type of muscle tissue under my left buttocks to where it's just skin to bone contact with my wheelchair cushion which is extremely painful and has me sitting up for between two and six hours at a time before it's necessary for me to get out of my chair. With that said, I'm willing to go to whatever means necessary to get any type of cushioning back between my butt bone and the outer layer of skin but I don't know what, if anything can be done to replace the muscle mass which is no longer in that area and that brings up my question:

    Has any type of technology evolved enough to where some sort of cushioning (butt implants per se) could be surgically inserted where my muscle mass once padded my buttocks or is everything still pretty much the same that I've read and posts three and four years old? I've never allowed anything to get me down (depressed) but the nicer the weather gets outdoors, the more I want to be outside as cabin fever is beginning to kick in, again!

    If you like to see some extremely gross pictures, I can upload some images that'll have you either being more careful when it comes to your butt and/or checking the background history of a potential surgeon prior to allowing him or her to cut on you. Being hindsight is 2020, life goes on and I now check any type of doctor or physician backgrounds prior to seeing them.

    Thank you very much your time and I'm open to any and all suggestions you might have. Like I said, I'm willing to go to whatever means necessary in order to get some sort of padding back where it counts, relieve some of the pain and extend my quality of life which is more important than anything else mention. I'm not complaining about my quality of life, it's just that I would like to extend it beyond six hours of sitting up because so much can be done to change one's life one hour at a time!

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    Windstar, if the sores have been on your ischial tuberosities (butt bones), you might try a Ride cushion. They offload the weight onto your thighs and lower back, and your ischials get no pressure. That's how it works for me anyway.

    Good luck, I don't believe there is any substance that is pumped into the buttocks for padding.
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    I decided to try Manuka Honey for a Stage 4 Pressure Ulcer. I had a hard time deciding which honey to try and finally settled on one stating that it was "organic, raw and unheated," thinking that would make it better for healing. I've been on bed rest for 2 years and decided enough, so scheduled wound flap surgery. I got this honey 2 weeks prior - have been using it one week and my surgery is one week away, The sides of the sore are filling in, but not the deepest part at the bone (the biggest problem), I tasted the honey and thought it tasted like regular honey - it certainly didn't have a "flowery" taste. Did I get the wrong stuff? This is my last ditch effort before the surgery. I have a feeling I might not make it through this one, but can't live my life from bed anymore either.

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    I have been nursing a self inflicted stage II pressure sore for a few weeks. After researching and taking advice from others I ended up cleaning the wound with 9% sodium chloride with a cotton ball, then spraying Vetericyn wound & skin care (from tractor supply) on it, then lightly taping gauze over it with Johnson & Johnson comfort cloth tape. Changing it out twice a day and most importantly staying off it. After 3 weeks it is pretty much healed and now I am putting Lantiseptic daily skin care on it to keep the skin healthy. Will probably use these Johnson & Johnson hydrocoiled tough pads as cushion for a while just to be safe.
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    Thanks KLD My sore was only stage 2, all is good.

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