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Thread: what vitamins are you taking?

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    what vitamins are you taking?

    Been taking supplemental vitamins for a long time. I sometimes wonder if they are really beneficial to me at all. Thinking about reducing them to bare minimum because of that. I am taking vit C and D, magnesium, a multi-vit, folic acid and, although not a vitamin, fish oil. Am I taking the right stuff? What would you be taking?
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    I think beside vitamin D, the others are harmful in the long run as they accumulate and deposit in your system rather than getting rid of the remains. Science agree on this. However, some doctors push all kinds of vitamins still.

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    The fat-soluble vitamins, A, D, E, and K can accumulate to toxic levels. The water-soluble vitamins are excreted if taken to excess. But this too should not be taken as a reason to megadose even water-soluble vitamins. For instance, I saw a reference that said, taking in excess of 2000 mg of vitamin C per day, or 33 times the RDA, can result in stomach upset and other potential issues.

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    Post #8 The vitamin blitz...without the high zinc though.

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    All the vitamins and minerals can easily be found in vegetables and fruits, easily digested and good bowel movement. Found this to be very helpful
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    Fir Vitamin D you should have your level checked by blood test.
    A multivitamin with minerals recommended. Added does of Complex B, E and Vitamin C ok but not in super large excess.

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