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Thread: Really bad sweat above the injury!good or dad?

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    Really bad sweat above the injury!good or dad?

    I am a T7-8 complete since june 2005 and i am sweating very bad especcialy above the injury! I am not fat and i am having a very acctive live!In my sleep my had and my chest is all wet with cold sweats! When i am exercising i am sweating a lot!Even now when i am writing you water is going down on my forehead! And is not hot in the room! I am telling you this is unusual sweat!
    Anyone can help!
    Blue skies!!

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    Could you possibly have AD? I'm not sure what level that's supposed to stop at, but maybe it's a possibility.

    Good luck finding it though. Cold sweats are the absolute worst! Ya can never tell if you're hot or cold.
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    I'm going to vote autonomic dysreflexia too. Do you have a pounding headache, flushed face, when it happens? Or goosebumps? Odd spasms? I get all of the above.

    If it is you need to find the cause.

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    yep ~ sounds like Autonomic Dysreflexia
    I've been paralyzed for 25 years , lived with the sweats for 20 yrs until I found out what it was (AD) now I take Cardura® and only get the sweats in the mornings after it wears off ... and my cat likes to sleep on my legs , the preasure triggers dysreflexia, ...
    You might not be using the correct cushion for long-term sitting or the correct mattress on your bed ???
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    thank you guys! I was thinking of AD but i am a T7-8 complete! can be still posible at this level?
    Blue skies!!

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    If you pee or poop does it lessen?

    are you on a bladdar med?
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    Yes, weren't you taught about AD when you went through rehab? Highest risk are those with injuries T7 and above, but it is has been reported as low as T10. Get a blood pressure cuff, and take your blood pressure when you are having symptoms. If your blood pressure is elevated more than 30 mm. Hg. above your usual systolic, it should be considered as AD.

    Check your bladder first. 90% of episodes of AD are due to bladder problems, usually overdistention.


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    Hi alex.
    Check here : Autonomic Dysreflexia

    Are you at RIC in your avatar picture?

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    Quote Originally Posted by chick
    Hi alex.
    Check here : Autonomic Dysreflexia

    Are you at RIC in your avatar picture?
    Thanks Chick! great link! Yes i am in RIC in avatar pic! have you been there!
    Blue skies!!

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    Thanks nurse and everyone! No,was not really told about AD in rehab and to be honest i thought that i am not the case because i read somewere that only from T5 up will have this!
    Now i am out of state,but soon as i am back to Chicago at the end of this week i will check with my doctor!Should i be worried about anything until i am getting back?
    Blue skies!!

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