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Thread: Neural links between legs and arms

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    Smile Neural links between legs and arms

    According to Dr. Paul Zehr research, there is a strong neural connection between our arms and legs, and when we use our arms in a rhythmic way, that movement appears to affect the way we use our legs as well. His research documented in the latest issue of the Journal of Neurophysiology. "Think at a cat. The cat is set up so that its forelimbs and its hind limbs help each other".
    "It turns out it's the same in humans. When you start moving your arms, you're setting in motion neural pathways that will help your legs." said Dr Paul Zehr. Which means that exercising a stroke victim's arms and legs may help him or her recover the use of his or her legs faster than by exercising the legs alone.
    "We're suggesting that the use of arms should be considered in the rehabilitation of walking," said Zehr. "Exercises such as arm-cycling can both mechanically and neurologically help the legs so that you're giving your legs a hand."

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    Volkler Dietz actually proposed this back in 2002. This is further confirmation.

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    Seems logical, especially helping one leg to boost the other leg by some interneuron connections, the same might happen when using arms to trig some signals further down the cord.

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