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Thread: "God does not put more on you then you can handle"

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    "God does not put more on you then you can handle"

    Bull-f_ing-shit!!!! This is what so many people said to me after my injury. I don't know about any of you, but they have obviously not been tested on this theory. I am opening a funky can of worms here but bring it on. I am so on-the-fence about whether god actually exists or not. I still find myself talking to him sometimes, praying for my son or begging him to help me. This tells me that I guess I still kind of believe, but then I wonder how someone who is supposed to be so good could bring this misery(and worse misery to some people) on someone. Or not help us if it does happen. All poweful my ass. One of those people came to my door the other day, you know those religious ones. I looked her in the eye and just said I can't talk about that. She totally didn't even press the issue. She said Ok, have a good day and walked away, like she could see it in my eyes. I'm just venting. Thanks for listening

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    That, and "God gave this to you for a reason" ..... MY God didn't GIVE this to me!
    T7-8 since Feb 2005

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    Venting is healthy. People really don't know what to say after catastrophic injury like SCI. They really don't. There were some well meaning folks that said a lot of really cruel things to me the first few weeks/months after my injury. Even now, people say the darndest things.

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    What to say.... I was a Christian pre-sci and remain one today. One verse that helps me put things in perspective is Matthew 5:45
    He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous

    If you want to check out someone truly amazing, google Joni Eareckson Tada
    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
    Winston Churchill

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    A bit more on Joni.

    Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Joni and Friends
    Joni Eareckson Tada is the founder of Joni and Friends, an organization accelerating Christian
    ministry in the disability community.
    A diving accident in 1967 left Mrs. Tada a quadriplegic in a wheelchair, unable to use her
    hands. After two years of rehabilitation, Joni re-entered the community with new skills and a
    fresh determination to help others in similar situations. “My church made a huge difference in
    my family’s life as they demonstrated the love of God in practical ways,” says Joni.
    Mrs. Tada wrote of her experiences in her international best-selling biography,
    Joni. Her name
    is now recognized in countries around the world following the distribution in many languages of
    her biography and the full-length feature film JONI. She has personally visited over 41
    Having been catapulted onto a national stage, Mrs. Tada founded Joni and Friends (JAF) in
    1979 to accelerate Christian ministry in the disability community throughout the world. The
    organization grew into the establishment in 2006 of the Joni and Friends International Disability
    Center (IDC) which is affecting the lives of thousands of families affected by disability around
    the globe.
    Led by Founder and visionary Joni Eareckson Tada and President and COO, Mr. Doug Mazza,
    the Joni and Friends International Disability Center has four flagship programs:

    With over a million listeners a week "Joni and Friends," a daily five minute radio program,
    is heard over 1000 broadcast outlets. In 2002 it received the “Radio Program of the
    Year” award from National Religious Broadcasters.

    In 2006 Joni and Friends will serve over 800 special need families through 16 Family
    across the nation.

    Through Wheels for the World, over 30,000 wheelchairs have been collected nationwide,
    refurbished by inmates in 17 correctional facilities, and then shipped and donated to
    developing nations where, whenever possible, physical therapists fit each chair to a
    needy disabled child or adult.

    Through Joni and Friends’ Field Services, staff and volunteers provide church training
    along with educational and inspirational resources to promote ministry to those affected
    by disability and those who can help.
    The ICD will not only accommodate the extraordinary growth of existing programs but provide a
    new communications center and training facility for our international partnerships. The Center
    will also include the
    Christian Institute on Disability which will speak to sensitive disability-related
    issues such as euthanasia and stem cell research.
    Joni’s work has mainly focused on influencing the church on disability-related issues. However,
    her impact is felt beyond the Christian community. Mrs. Tada's role as a disability advocate led
    to a presidential appointment to the National Council on Disability for three and a half years,
    during which time the Americans with Disabilities Act became law. In 2005, Joni Eareckson
    Tada was appointed to the Disability Advisory Committee of the U.S. State Department to
    advise Dr. Condoleezza Rice on policy and programs which affect disabled persons in the State
    Department and around the world.
    Mrs. Tada is a highly sought-after conference speaker both in the U.S. and overseas. She has
    written numerous articles which have been published in Christianity Today, Today’s Christian
    The War Cry (Salvation Army), and newspapers around the world. Joni has appeared
    twice on
    Larry King Live, sharing not only her Christian testimony, but a biblical perspective on
    right-to-life issues which affect our nation’s disabled population.
    During her two years of rehabilitation, Joni spent long months learning how to paint with a brush
    between her teeth. Her high detail fine art paintings and prints are sought after and collected.
    Mrs. Tada is Senior Associate for Disability Concerns for the Lausanne Committee for World
    Evangelization and serves in an advisory capacity to the American Leprosy Mission, the
    National Institute on Learning Disabilities, Love and Action, and Christian Blind Mission
    International, as well as on the Board of Reference for the Christian Writers Guild, New Europe
    Communications and the Christian Medical and Dental Society. She is currently Honorary Co-
    Chair of the Presidential Prayer Team
    Joni Eareckson Tada has received The American Academy of Achievement's Golden Plate
    Award; The Courage Award from the Courage Rehabilitation Center; The Award of Excellence
    from the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center; The Victory Award from the National Rehabilitation
    Hospital; The Golden Word Award from the International Bible Society. She is inducted into the
    Christian Booksellers’ Association’s
    Hall of Honor. In 2002, Joni received the William Ayer
    for excellence from the National Religious Broadcasters’ Association. In 2003 she was
    given the
    Gold Medallion Award for her book When God Weeps. In 2004 she was awarded the

    Gold Medallion Award
    for co-authoring Hymns for a Kid’s Heart, Volume 1.

    Mrs. Tada was given the
    Gold Medallion Lifetime Achievement Award in 2003 by the
    Evangelical Christian Publishers Association. She was also named "Churchwoman of the Year"
    in 1993 by the Religious Heritage Foundation and was the first woman to be honored by the
    National Association of Evangelicals as their "Layperson of the Year." She also holds:

    An honorary Bachelor of Letters from Western Maryland College.

    An honorary Doctor of Humanities from Gordon College.

    An honorary Doctor of Humane Letters from Columbia International University, the first
    honorary doctorate bestowed in its 75-year history.

    An honorary Doctor of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary.

    An honorary Doctor of Divinity from Lancaster Bible College.
    Joni Eareckson Tada is the author of over 35 books. Her best-selling and award-winning works
    cover topics ranging from disability outreach to reaching out to God and include:
    A Christmas
    depicting her best-loved Christmas paintings; Life and Death Dilemma addressing the
    tough issues of physician-assisted suicide. She explores the nature of heaven in

    Heaven ...Your Real Home
    . The mystery of suffering is systematically examined in When God
    Weeps: Why Our Sufferings Matter to the Almighty
    , co-authored by Steve Estes. Joni and
    Steve also wrote
    A Step Further to speak to the subject of healing. In 2003 Joni authored her
    The God I Love, chronicling a lifetime walking with Jesus.
    Mrs. Tada has also written several children's books, including
    Tell Me The Promises, which
    received the Evangelical Publishers’ Association’s Gold Medallion and Silver Medal in the 1997
    C.S. Lewis Awards, and
    Tell Me The Truth which received the EPCA Gold Medallion in 1998.
    Mrs. Tada and her husband Ken have been married since 1982. Mr. Tada retired from 32 years
    of teaching in 2004 and ministers alongside Joni as they travel across the country and around
    the world. Ken Tada, along with Joni, are permanent members of the International Board of
    Directors of Joni and Friends. In 2001, Mr. Tada received Family Life Ministries’
    McQuilken Award
    honoring “The Courageous Love of a Marriage Covenant Keeper.”
    Revised March 1, 2006

    "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."
    Winston Churchill

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    Quote Originally Posted by sjean423
    That, and "God gave this to you for a reason" .....
    I've gotten that one a lot. Some people seem to think that this happened to me in order to get my family involved in medical research. My response to that is always to wonder why, if a god could do this to me on purpose, couldn't that same god NOT allow this to happen to anyone?

    MY God didn't GIVE this to me!


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    Quote Originally Posted by KVP612
    If you want to check out someone truly amazing, google Joni Eareckson Tada
    What does she have to do with the OP's vent?


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    God didn't do this to me or you or any of us, IMO, C-Baby. Life just happens, just is. Both the good and the bad happen to all.

    It seems others want to find reasons for what happens when they see us. They're confronted with a disability they know is severe. Some people don't know what to say so they try to put a good spin on things, try to be encouraging, but often say the damnedest things.

    God didn't do this. For those who aren't SCI, God didn't spare them our fate. He didn't like them better and us less.

    The strangesat thing happens to me is around the holidays. People are in good Christmas cheer and then, they see me. I get the hell blessed out of me each year. It's kind of funny, although at first it annoyed hell out of me.

    People will say, "God BLESS you!" Have decided it's better to be blessed than cursed. I just roll on and do whatever I'm doing.

    The worst encounters are those people who want to put their hands on me and pray. Nooooooooo way are they doing that. If they want to pray for me, that's kewl. I'm not offended. They can do that privately with their God without wanting to pray with me in the grocery and touch me while they do it.

    IMO, there is a God. There are too many wonderfully designed pieces in nature, in the world, in the human body. I can't see these things as being an accidental alignment of moleclues resulting in the world we have.

    I roll on when people get bizarre.

    When my Dad was severely burned in an industrial accident in late 1979, there were people who told me God was trying to get my Dad's attention with the explosion. I was totally pizzed.

    I told them my idea of God was not a Zeus-like creature who threw lightning bolts at people with whom he was angry. I also asked them about the cerebral palsy I'd been born with. If God allowed these things to happen to people as punishment, what was I being punished for as a newborn?

    The answer: I wasn't. My Dad wasn't either.

    I don't allow ignorant ideas to color my perception, my relationship with the God of Quads as I call my Creator.

    Sorry you had the experience. Unfortnately, I'm sure it wasn't the first time that happened and it likely won't be the last.

    Vent anytime you have need. Sometimes you just gotta.

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    my parents who are christian found a lot of peace after reading the book 'when bad things happen to good people'.

    I read it too, and found some solace in being able to believe that this didn't happen to me because I was a bad person. I struggle with belief in God for other reasons today. And somewhat envy those who are able to believe in spite of doubts.

    But honestly, there is no reason why any of us are in this situation. I've finally found peace with my SCI (mostly) but accepting my life for what it is, cherishing and celebrating the good in my life, and trying to realize just how lucky I am compared to many alternatives.

    it took me a good 3-4 years to even start to feelthis way and nearly 6 years after my accident I still struggle.

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    Hampshire, England.
    As one goldfish said to the other:

    If God doesn't exist then who cleans the tank?

    I've no idea why I posted that.....

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