I've had a lot of complications from this surgery...

I had my first surgery January 11th. After running a fever and vomiting [despite that tube down my nose] I went through a couple CT scans and that showed I was suffering from intestinal leakage. On January 19th I had a 2nd surgery where they fixed the staples.

Because of all this, I couldn't eat for 21 days. I've been eating for a little more than 2 weeks.

Right now, I'm suffering from bowel incontinence. A week ago, my bowels seemed to be changing consistency and fiming up. Then they went back to being like vegetable soup.

I had a movement at 5pm Friday night. Then nothing until this [Sunday] morning. My caregiver said the consistency was still loose but had firmer parts to it.

Today, I've had another really loose movement. It's driving me crazy. I don't want to leave my bed.

Wednesday, I saw my urologist. He told me he has never had a patient with long term bowel problems.

I saw my surgeon Thursday, he took out my stiches. I told him about my bowel problems, he said that what I'm going through is normal because I had two major intestinal surgeries. He also said that all the bacteria in my intestines and colon has to rebuild itself. He recommended I take Metamucil 2x a day to firm up my stool. I asked him if Activia [the yogurt] would help me. He thought it might.

I've taken Metamucil 1x a day. Today, I'm taking it 2x. I was afraid to take it 2x, I thought it was going to make me go more. I don't know...

This whole recovery process has been so difficult. I keep going through moments of sweating and goosebumps and mild spasms. It's awful. I have to eat because I was thin already before surgery, and after not eating for 21 days I lost like 15 lbs. And I'm afraid to eat anything. I'm becoming so neurotic... Could it be my diet Is there something I can eat to solidify my stool

I know this surgery will be worth it in the end. But right now, it REALLY sucks. I never thought I'd have so many complications. Oh yeah, a week into my 3 week hospital stay I developed 3 pressure sores on my feet. I've been injured for a year and a half and I've never had a pressure sore.

Any tips, my email is Mmm_Truthiness@hotmail.com