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Thread: can completes walk?

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    can completes walk?

    my husband was in a motorcycle accident in September of last year. he is a T7 complete with absolutely no feeling from his lower chest down. he was at TIRR for about 5 weeks after his accident and surgery to put rods in his back. with all the new equipment and stuff out these days, will he be able to walk assisted again? i keep trying to get him motivated to start exercising more but he's in a bit of a slump right now. he wants to know if there are other paras out there with a similar injury that can walk with assistance of such equipment and what did you have to do to get to that point. i've already told him it will take a lot of hard work and determination. laying around in bed all day won't get him anywhere. if anyone has a response for him i would greatly appreciate it.

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    Smfrg weither he will walk again or not doesn't mean he should just lay around. If he becomes active he will feel alot better. Motivate him to get invovled in anything, just get him out of bed. physical activity is good for anyone. Everyone has their bad days, espeically in winter time. Hope he cheers up!

    By the way, i know a carecure member named Donz, he is a t6 complete i believe and he walks with kafos and a walker alot, the kid has determination and has progressed a ton and he is a complete.
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    thanks cory, but your determination makes me look lazy

    regarding your husband sm, id say most important is instituting some type of regiment. working out gets easier as it becomes more routine. Definitely keep an open mind in every workout started and know that your initial attempt is always the toughest. From a transfer to walking in KAFOs every try will add to your strength as well as confidence. He has to realize that as he works towards his ultimate goal he will notice every part of his life improve, and thats guaranteed. Who knows what his potential is, but it certainly won't be maximized as he lays in bed, in part, training his body to be inactive.


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    i'm t-12 complete and i can walk w/kafos and a walker. carpal tunnel is making it somewhat difficult but it is possible. good luck

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    thanks for the input. i have noticed since we've have had the abnormally colder weather here he's been more out if it. he feels he can't do much cause it's too cold outside and why bother getting in his chair if he's just gonna sit in that as well. his other question on walking is how is it possible. he says he can't feel anything and has no control over any of his lower extremities so how can he move them to walk even with braces. i don't know the answer to this one. i keep telling him it can be done but he wants to know how. i'm interested to know myself. he's normally a fighter and loves to prove people wrong i just hope he gets out of his slump soon.

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    At T7, the absence of abdominal muscles and lower back muscles makes walking with braces very difficult, and really only practical as exercise, not for community or even household ambulation. It has been estimated that to walk with braces in the mid-thoracic level, the energy required is close to running an 8 minute mile...continuously. Also, as noted above, it puts a lot of strain on the shoulders, elbows and wrists as the work is done with the upper extermities. The braces involved are also quite complex and expensive as they require some type of reciprocating mechanism (cables, etc.) to help them work right, and he would have to use a walker or (sometimes) bilateral crutches whenever outside of the parallel bars.

    Has he looked into getting into an FES ambulation trial? Is he using a standing glider currently?


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    no i haven't looked into any trials or anything yet. i didn't know that stuff was available. i'm sorry i have so many questions. i don't have the time to do as much research as i would like to because i do have a full time job and when i come home in the evenings i take care of my husband and two kids and try to find the time to keep my house clean lol. anyway i'm just trying to get my husband motivated and off his butt so to speak. we live an hour away from any of the doctors that have worked on him and it's hard to get him in to see them for just a few questions and trying to get them on the phone is almost impossible. thanks again for everything. i am so glad i have a place to go when things get tough.

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    I'm a T-10 complete and I am part of a FES study will let me walk in the lab. It's very cool but complex stuff. I hope that it will translate outside the lab in a few years. Heck, I'd love a protocol to just stand up at the grocery store!

    If you don't mind me saying, it sounds like your hubby is depressed. What does he do with his time?
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    I'm a T-5 ASIA A injury since April 2000. I can walk in KAFO braces...I've done as much as 1/4 mile in one interval.

    I regularly do laserponcture and EMG biofeedback.

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    i am going to try to do some research here at work about getting him into something where he is able to at least stand.
    jenlongdon-he doesn't do much anymore. i seem to think myself he is depressed. he had a real bad episode about a month ago he was real angry at first then got real emotional and that was the first time in the 13 years we have been together i have ever seen him cry like he did. i called the doctor (his general practitioner had said if i see signs of depression to call him and he would prescribe him something) and he wanted me to bring him in for an evaluation. well that wasn't happening. i can't make him go to the doctor much less on a depression issue. he spends all of his mornings asleep, afternoons he watches some tv then gets online to play poker. evenings the same thing. plays poker and watches some tv. he will go 3 days without getting out of bed. but then there are times he will get out of bed early and work out and be very active. i'm not too sure what else to do. i wish he could have some meds to help his depression, but i can't make him go to a doctor. and he says he's fine. i know he's not cause he's not even close to himself. again sorry to ramble on. where do i begin to look for such places where they have studies and so on to see if we can get him up on some braces. i don't think TIRR (in houston) does that. i have only seen the harness with the treadmill underneath. he was supposed to go back for his second rehab this month, but that's not gonna happen. we can't afford the 3k out of pocket max his insurance wants us to pay. any ideas???
    etexley-i am going to show him your post (if i can get him to read it). maybe he needs to hear stuff from people who are going through the same thing. do you mind me asking how you are able to use the braces to walk? i think it's wonderful you are able to.

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