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Thread: I'm all ready to buy my New Mac, then...?!

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    For those who need or prefer to use DNS for BOTH dictation and controlling commands, and want to get Mac and run parallels to mostly use Windows programs, then why get a Mac?

    • iListen only dictates, so if NEED voice commands to navigate through the Mac, which requires Applescript to use commands interchangeably with iListen, then why need DNS to run Windows parallel if this is sufficient?
    • If one needs or wants DNS for both dictation and global commands to navigate Windows, then what purpose/point is Mac, since you can't use DNS on Mac?
    • If one want to use DNS on Windows running thru Parallel on Mac, while also using iListen and creating Applescript to utilize Mac's built-in voice commands.... WHY?

    The price for all that, for what you can simply do running windows, you can probably just get a kick-ass Windows PC, for the same or cheaper, with probably a shitload of more power (given, if a desktop).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Patonb
    I'm not sure if you realize, as things have been all around... But you can't use DNS to run a Mac even with Parrallels, boot camp or whatever. You can run the XP window with DNS, but not anything to do with OSX.
    Yes I'm aware. thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chick
    The price for all that, for what you can simply do running windows, you can probably just get a kick-ass Windows PC, for the same or cheaper, with probably a shitload of more power (given, if a desktop).
    Actually since researching, the price is less, as I'm considering a Mac mini (for other reasoons than I'll post here about). Even if I bought a Mac book (laptop), the price is less than the Windows PC that I'd buy. Plus you can run thrice as many applications with less RAM than windows, no viruses, more stability, and cheaper software than windows. More power, I doubt it. I'm tired of my lagging computer whicxh I have to re-do the system all the time. I'm trying to cover all angles of which could be of use.

    And you said you bought a iMac. Why? You taklk to a Mac user regularly, why dont you ask that person, no?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    And you said you bought a iMac. Why? You taklk to a Mac user regularly, why dont you ask that person, no?.
    You have spycam or a trojan on my Mac?

    Oh no! I gots a Mac! lol

    I'm not sure who specifically you are referring to, since I talk with a few different Mac users. None who have Mac use DNS for dictation AND for controlling commands nor uses voice commands on their Mac (which was my question) -- since they can't use DNS on mac anyway, even if they wanted.

    As I stated earlier, I don't use DNS. I found it cumbersome when I did try using it with Word docs. so stopped. I don't use voice commands on Mac either.

    My question wasn't just about "Why" get a mac, but why get a Mac if using or esp. if needing DNS for dictating documents and for commands. It seems particularly unnecessary if one uses voice for commands if they can't (or prefers not to) use keys/mouse as much, and is wanting to run Windows Parallel to use voice and added Mac programs for voice. If wanting primarily to voice dictate for docs, then iListen might suffice, without buying Parellel. If wanting to use DNS cuz one might already have it, then need to buy parallel; if wanting to dictate using Mac, then have to buy iListen. I don't know the cost for each, but I think approximately $100 or so. Plus, some may need to buy additional Windows OS to run on it. Having both doesn't seem to make sense, since one or the other seems enough to do the same (tho mac currently hasn't really fully integrated dictation/commands).

    I spent months and months debating what I'd get for best price, and decided on the iMac specifically since I wanted to use more graphic programs and have less equipment to clutter space. I still have moments of buyers remorse, but I go thru that when buying cereal. Ha

    eta: I'm not sure about cheaper software, since most are relatively the same costs whatever OS one uses.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    Last night at MicroCenter, the Apple salesmans and I had the Mac OS running with Linux, and Win 98 running on the same screen at the same time! It was amazing. I think if someone has iListen that requires simple dictation and simple commands, that would be sufficient. For me, I allready have DNS and XP pro, so will use those with Parallel. THe iMac was running all three OS simultaniously and it had 1Gig. and the Dual Core Processor. I am looking at possibility of the MacBook or Macmini, but am going to wait as I think the Macmini specs will change with the new OS, according to the salesman.
    I just re-read this,and have some concerns. Anyone, please jump in to clarify.

    To really get the best and accurate comparison, shouldn't the Apple guy run Parallel on the Mac you plan to buy? ie. on Mac Mini, not the iMac; PLUS run the OS you want to use - ie. XP Pro, since it requires much more memory than Win 98. Additionally, the DNS will use up a lot of resources, so need to consider that, with the computer running, per RAM (and hard drive as well). This may help you to assess if you need to upgrade Ram, and how much per your program needs.

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    I'm wondering for those Intel Mac users, do you have access to the BIOS on those things, and if you do, are you able to manipulate FSB speeds or are they locked?

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    Andy - I have PowerPC based Macs, so I don't know, but this FAQ may answer your questions:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lizbv
    Yes I'm aware. thanks.
    Good.. I'd hate to see someone spend their money, only to find out they couldn't do what they expected too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PN
    Hi Chick!

    Maybe iVisit will solve (haven't tried) your Yahoo woes.

    I have heard good things about the 20 inch iMac but I think I will settle for the MacBook because I like the smaller form factor.

    Now you have your choice you have.
    Hey PN!
    I'm liking the 20 in. iMac more and more. I upgraded Ram. With Core2 Duo, it's pretty fast. After pricing 17 and 20 for what I wanted, there was only like $50 difference, so went with the 20.

    Regarding the ivisit, it isn't exactly what I was referring to, since it seems like ivisit serves like how ichat would function. I was more specifically asking about yahoo chat - it doesn't look like yahoo allows browser chat thru java either (I tried to find, if safari or firefox might enable voice thru browser)? I can't find it on Safari or Firefox, but Explorer did have it which I've used before. Llinks in safari/firefox only refer to dwnld messenger page to connect to chat, but on mac, there is no chat option on messenger anyway. I might have to connect thru windows to check again to see if Explorer still has it.

    BTW. Thanks to PN, Andy and Scorpion, for all their help and info on computers specs, prices, and resources...and some of the grunt work in quoting things out for me
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    See if Firefox Vox will do what you want.....

    Fire Vox
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    I hear your IM pain! Yahoo was giving interviews at Macworld in January showing off beta 2 of Yahoo Messenger 3.0 for Mac. All reports are it looks impressive and should do audio etc. Yahoo is just taking their sweet time, but version 3.0b1 was a huge jump over the previous version so the development isn't trivial.

    iChat interfaces reasonably well with AIM, so that's one alternative for cross-platform chats. Hands down my favourite solution is Skype. The latest version does nice video too - and you can get add-on software to record calls if required for business (remember a disclaimer!).

    As a quad I often use Skype to call landlines etc. because it's so convenient. At my new work I won't have an office for about 2 months (damn cubicles), so I take my new MacBook in with headphones and Skype away!


    P.S. Glad to see the iMac is growing on you. I have an iMac G5 20-inch (same form-factor as yours) and find it to be the most beautiful computer, both aesthetically and in use, I've ever owned. The MacBook is a close second.
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