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Thread: New Halls Wheels Hallmark for sale!

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    New Halls Wheels Hallmark for sale!

    Hey all! I'm selling one of my pride-and-joy wheelchairs, a New Halls Wheels Hallmark. It's on ebay right now, # 330089089403

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    What are the dimensions - seat (width & length), back, condition, etc.?
    How do you ship it?
    Why are you selling your pride-and-joy?

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    The ebay auction number can give you all that info, despite the fact the chair's auction ended. It technically is not sold though so it may still be available, I'll know very soon.
    I am selling it because I want my own dang apartment away from my athiest communist roommate who sees it as his life's mission to make sure I suffer for the sin of having a religion/spirituality. And his girlfriend who thinks I'm putting curses on him. And all of the dang pets in this house that wake me at 7am, no matter what the day, and all of the silly stupid little rules I must follow like pulling into the driveway at their preferred speed. I really wish I was making this up. It would be nice to come home one week and notice that nothing has changed, no new rules have been added, and once again, I haven't done something 'wrong'. So I would like to sell this chair so I can get a nice payment together for a good (Aka, not where a lot of section-8/HUD people live) apartment.

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    pm sent

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