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Thread: Typical power chair, battery life

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    Question Typical power chair, battery life

    I'm wondering what other people in power chairs have on the average battery life? I'm about to get a new quickie rhythm chair Monday. This will make sure number five in 21 years. On average, I would get about two years on the set of batteries until I got my quickie p200 in 1996, which is what I'm using now, and believe it or not. I'm still on the same set of batteries. I have had a lot a usage hard riding, and charge about every other day. But 10 years on the set of batteries is unheard of to me. They're still working like the day I bought them. I'm going to write the company MK and see if maybe I'd get a new set for free!

    Anybody with a power chair pitch in your thoughts.

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    2 years max for me. 10 years is unheard of for a battery on ANYTHING!
    I think the Battery Fairy was hookin ya up when you were asleep
    One advantage the 200 has over most chairs is the aluminum frame is WAY lighter than the rest of the field. But it still doesn't account for the 10 yrs on your batteries. Have you maybe forgotten about a switch out or two? I'm AWFULLY curious about this. Check for date stickers on them and see. I AIN'T calling ya a liar, don't get me wrong. I just know of no batteries lasting 10 years.
    I picked one up last year and have a few things to do yet, to use it. I'd LIKE to make it my primary power chair. I have had to put all my projects on hold for a while though. Nudder story.

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    2 year max here .......... 10 years charging every second day ..... hmmmm ... 1820 cycles ....... you don't drive much.
    It's not a wheelchair it's a lifestyle!

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    I've had my Jazzy 1122 for just over 4 years now. I had my entire tilt system replaced a year ago and the old batteries with 3 years had to be replaced too. They were running strong, but were too tall and I needed smaller ones. They lasted a long time too, but I always charge every other day as I never know what I'll need the extra juice for.

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    I don't drive much?!? I drive everywhere my chair. Since I don't have to work I travel a lot. Although I have to admit I did not drive it much last year be down with the pressure sore, before the years before that I sure did

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    Jim's Invacare Arrow was bought in 2000 and I had the original batteries switched out in 2006. I charge them every night, just habit.

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