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Thread: Hemorrhoids and Shower Commode chair, question

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    Hemorrhoids and Shower Commode chair, question

    I had bathroom mods done, roll-in shower and have gone to a good quality shower commode chair...

    My concern ... I seem to be getting a lot more symptoms of hemorrhoids since switching to this method rather than former (25 years) commode rise and shower bench.

    It looks and feels like perineal area is dropping down through commode opening in chair. (More pressure , prolapsing than old method)

    Has anyone else experienced this with shower commode chair?

    Any way to remedy with the equipment?

    I make it a point to stay on task and "get job done" BP and shower to minimize time but that is not enough.

    I don't want to go back to shower benches additional transfers BUT don't want hem's to become major problem.

    Thanks in advance,

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    If you are using the commode chair for bowel care and then showering, there's no good solution. If you're just using it for showering, then you could get a solid seat that would not make you "hang out" so to speak. If you're having a lot of symptoms from your hemorrhoids, you could check in with a general surgeon who could fix them for you.


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    Surprising, But ...

    It sounds counter-intuitive but you can do your BP while in bed on your left side. That will take care of your prolapse problem.

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    If you decide on the surgery, I had to have a couple taken care of a year or so ago(jus b4 surgery caused caud equina) and I had absolutely no complications. although these were on the outside, my surgeon explained we're born with 3 in and 3 out, so my 2 I had done are gone for good. Was the easiest proceedures I've had done, and I've had over 30 surgeries. Must have been a good surgeon. good luck

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    Rectal prolapse is an entirely different issue than hemorrhoids. The former is very difficult to treat, while the latter is relatively easy.

    Not sure why a 4 year old post was drug up to address the comments made here though.


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