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Thread: Leg Bags for Shorts

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    Leg Bags for Shorts

    I am ordering leg bags (foley) for Dennis to wear with shorts. I have done a search and have found someone posted a link to Urocare for just these bags - thank you.

    I am going to order two large size Sport bags, one for the right leg and one for the left. The site lists several distributors to order from and I was hoping someone could give us some direction on which wholesaler is easy/reliable/friendly to work with. I guess it does not really matter but we are on the east coast.

    The distributors listed are:

    Bruce MedicalSupply
    Byram Healthcare
    DS Medical
    Edgepark Surgical
    A-med Health Care
    Sheild Healthcare


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    Meg, When my brother wears shorts (all summer) I just hook his suprapubic tube to a leg bag so the length is shorter. This works for us because he is unable to do independent transfers and uses hoyer lift, so it really doesn't get displaced. I tried the special sports bags but they were harder to keep clean and didn't hold as much. With the more popular baggy, longer shorts out now it works fine. I get him carpenter-style shorts that have flat, unriveted backsides and more room in the legs. So, specificly it's a hollister lg legbag that we get from Uromed.

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    Dennis is still using an indwelling foley, do you think that would make a difference?

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    hollister 9805 attached to the cath. 32oz. easy flip valve, and last for months. and they're cheap.

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    Where did you find them?

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    We did it that way with the indwelling penile catheter also. You just have to make sure that there are no kinks in the tubing. I lay the legbag along his thigh, that way he can feel when it is getting full.

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    I ordered 2 thigh bags from urocare.. They work great and I wear shorts all Summer..

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    My husband's supplies come from DS Medical. They're always delivered at the same time every month and they bill insurance & take care of that part of it. We're happy with them.

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    When you ordered the thigh bags, did they come with all of the clasps, tubing needed or is it a la carte? The website from Urocare was a bit confusing, and did you order the cleaner they recommend?

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    Meg, their prices and service is one of the best i've dealt with. the straps are seperate. what i do when when i wear long pants is run extension hose-from the flip valve-- down to my ankle, let it stick past the shoe toward the back, you can't see it. i have enough hand function to work the flip valve through my pants. i usually just go find a grassy area and drain. when i wear shots i have a piece of slightly over-size hose that's slightly stiff, 3/8 air hose is actually what it is. i just slip that on and drain.

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