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Thread: maybe a way to prevent UTI's with urethral foley

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    maybe a way to prevent UTI's with urethral foley

    Been using a foley now for almost 3 years, my share of UTIs and cipro.

    my question is, if most (is this the case??) UTI get in via the urethral opening, then has anyone suggested, well, plugging the hole?

    not literally, LOL, of course, but since KY is the insertion jelly for new catheter insertion, would it not be the case that with the foley in place, using a needleless syringe to squirt about 6cc of jelly up in and around the catheter every few days prevent/block cooties from getting into the UTI and thereby preventing MOST UTIs???

    or is that train of thought mere insanity.

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    No, I would definitely not recommend this. The catheter develops a "slime" layer both on the inside and outside of the catheter, and bacteria can climb up this slime layer. If you squirt anything up along the catheter between it and your urethra, you are just likely to push the bacteria up further up your urethra and into your bladder.

    Silver coated or nitrofurantoin coated indwelling catheters do exist, and at least in the short time, have been shown to reduce acute UTIs, although now have been tested for those using catheters for more than 20 days. You could certainly try one of these, although that is only one factor in the increase of bacteruria in those using long term indwelling catheters.


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    My wife has been using a silver coated Foley catheter for several months now; it seems to have decreased the amount of bacteriuria somewhat. Although her urine is never bacteria-free, it now takes a little longer for the tube to accumulate a coat of crud inside it. Since she's had only one UTI, about a year ago, I can't say that it has reduced the incidence of UTIs.
    - Richard

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