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Thread: enlarged prostrate

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    enlarged prostrate

    if the foley is hard to insert, would that be a symptom of an enlarged prostrate. mine been difficult to get in since nurse inflated balloon in urethra. dr., said it was ok.


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    Jack, I'm sure the nurse will give more details on other things that can make a catheter hard to insert; but I have an enlarged prostate and it is hard for me insert a catheter. I use a coude tip and it helps. I'm experimenting with different kinds but so far the coude tip seem to be the best.

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    You are a little young yet to be having problemss with an enlarged prostate gland. Since you describe a traumatic insertion, I think that the cause is more likely what we call a "stricture." Scar tissue shrinks as it matures and you may have some scarring in your urethra from that unfortunate occurrence. Your doc may have said it was OK at the time, but if the problem continues or gets more severe, you probably should see a urologist. They can stretch the tissue open more when you need that.

    Using a Coude (pronounced coo-day) tip catheter may help with insertion. In men with small bladders the Coude tip catheter is "longer" from the balloon to the internal tip and may irritate the opposite wall of the bladder and cause dysreflexia (if you injury is high enough). But it's probably worth a try anyway.

    Hope this helps.

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