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I can't imagine that whatever I've said could inspire anyone but thank you for the kind words.

I made a mistake when we we're transporting Brian from Phoenix to Atlanta. Initially Blue Shield denied authorization for rehab at the Shepherd Center.

My son Brian is in room 213A stop by and say hello. My wife and daughter are in Atlanta with Brian full time and I come every weekend. I'll add Dustin to our prayers for recovery.

Roger, in general, I realized that your situation was similar, and that we would face some of the same challenges. Brian was out of country, South Padre nearly is. We were out of state. Similar age.

Since the Insurance issue was a big hurdle, and Cheesecake strongly encouraged that I read your thread, I recruited a friend of Dustin's to lead a phone call with Dustin's mother and BC/BS. This friend has 40 years of experience in the insurance business, and knew all of the right tactics. He was almost like a lawyer, asking questions, then drawing conclusions.

Thanks for the offer to stop by! We definitely will!! And again, thanks for all of the help!!