I am sorry to hear about your son's injury. He is fortunate to have you researching the options that are out there. I am a PT and I completed my dissertation on SCI recovery in 2004. The models for rehabilitation of SCI have grown over the past two decades. Almost all facilities have a strong exercise component with sprinkling of other strengths. These other components are what I suggest you look into when deciding where to go for PT for your son.

I have found that there are at least six components necessary for a person with SCI to move into a Self Correction Mode: 1. Stage Focused Exercise (at least 3 hours of movement per day appropriate for the Stage of Recovery the person is currently at), 2. Electrical Stimulation (both Neuromuscular causing a muscle to contract and Threshold for physiology and sensory stimulation), 3. Sensory Preparation (multiple facets including brushing and vibration, placed just prior to exercise to awaken the sensory receptors), 4. Laser (to accelerate the healing process),
5. Biophysiography (nutritional components in and elimination of 'garbage' out from the body), and 6. Structural hands-on therapy (to align and connect the anatomy, as well as drain and stimulate the physiology, with the goal of optimizing structural integrity).

I currently have 7 persons active in our SCI Recovery Program with C6 or higher level lesions. Most started at Stage 2 (little triceps and no ability to sit or transfer independently). Recently, one of these (a gentlemen in his sixties who was diagnosed 2 years ago with a C6 complete injury) just walked 120 feet around our facility, with the aid of knee immobilizers, ankle foot orthoses, a gait trainer and assist for forward leg progression. This particular man started our program with significant pain and no triceps, and with structural integrity work, laser, biophysiography, electrical stim, and sensory, he now bench presses over 100 pounds and transfers himself independently.

Most of our patients are willing to provide email addresses. One of our Never Ever Boys, Colin, has a thread on Care Cure called 'My Path of Recovery' (search on the home screen to find). Colin fractured his C4 and has made excellent and continued progress....

Anyway, please let me know if there is any way I can be of help. Keep researching and the very best of luck.