Brian has been using the EasyStand 6000 everyday. We have also been doing at home the electrical stimulation program setup by Dr. Sadowski at the Kennedy Krieger Institute. When Brian completed the program at KKI they gave him a PowerPoint with pictures and instructions on how to apply the electrical stimulation. The pictures are of Brian showing where to place the e-stem pads and all of the setting for the EMPI machine. At night Brian wears a hand split and contracture boots. Twice a week he goes for hand therapy and three times a week he goes to St. Joseph's for out-patient physical therapy.
I've been following with great interest the postings on the CURE FORUM concerning Dr. Davies research. I've made a couple of donations to Dr. Davies lab and I hope others will also donate. I'm no expert on spinal cord research but I've listened to Dr. Davies lecture on UTUBE and I believe his research has great promise. Schmeky, a Carecure member recently visited Dr. Davies' lab and posted a couple of reports on what he saw. I encourage everyone to read the thread in the CURE FORUM Stephen Davies Update. After you read the thread please donate to Dr. Davies' lab. For instructions on how to donate see page 14 posting 139 on the Stephen Davies Update thread. I would love to see Dr. Davies and Dr. Young collaborating. I have also donated money to Dr. Young's lab.