The burn on Brian's leg is healing so that very good. He brought a special boot that he wears to protect it. Brian was able to go back to work last week.

My wife and I fly to Baltimore Thursday night. On Friday Brian is having out patient surgery to replace the Baclofen pump, hopefully that will go smoothly. Several years ago when Brian had the original Baclofen pump surgery it was quite an ordeal. Three weeks after the first surgery the incision opened so to avoid infection they had to remove and install and new pump, then five months later there was an infection after the pump reservoir was refill so there was another surgery to install a new pump. For that surgery Brian had to drop out of medical school for the second semester. That whole process was quite an ordeal. Hopefully it will go much more smoothly this time.

On a positive note Brian was given an award at work. He was recognized as the Employee of the Month. It sounds a little silly, like the sign you see in the Home Depot parking lot, a reserved parking spot for the employee of the month but on the other hand it's better than being recognized as the worst employee of the month. Brian has a one year review coming up he's hoping to get a promotion and significant salary increase.