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Thread: Recent Accident to My Son

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    I haven't posted in a couple of months because there hasn't been anything new going on. Brian really likes his job and he's gotten over, for now, the issue he has with his salary and grade level at CMS. In September, he'll have a review and hopefully these issues will be corrected. If not, then because of the experience he has had working on health care policy he'll be in a better position to make a decision about staying at CMS.

    Brian sent me a long text message, I think from Dr Young, about preserving the umbilical cord after a childbirth. Next weekend my daughter is going to have a baby. I know that it will be next weekend because my daughter's doctor is going to induce labor next Saturday. My daughter is experiencing the symptoms of ICP. This is a condition in which the normal flow of bile is affected by the increased amounts of pregnancy hormones.

    Brian was inquiring if the umbilical cord stem cells could potentially be useful for him. The recommendation was although it's expensive to preserve the umbilical cord it could potentially benefit Brian. That being the case we'll have the umbilical cord preserved.

    My wife is in Baltimore now but she'll be flying to Los Angeles Thursday. I'll drive from Phoenix to Los Angeles on Saturday. My daughter's baby girl will be born on Sunday or Monday. My daughter and her husband have decided to name their baby girl Amelia. This will be our first grandchild so we're all excited.

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    I missed your post Roger. Congratulations on becoming a Grand-pop !

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    Congratulations, Roger! And here is an article for Brian:

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    On Monday afternoon Amelia Ann was born by C-section. The mother and daughter are doing very well. We waited all weekend for Amelia to be born but the birth was delayed until after I had flown back to Phoenix. I'm flying back to Los Angeles Friday to see Amelia. My wife stayed in Los Angles to help while Christine recovers from the surgery.


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    Congrats, Grandpa!


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    Wonderful news. A baby brings joy to the whole family!

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    Beautiful name and a great reason to read her the whole "Amelia Bedilia" children's book series.

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