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Thread: Recent Accident to My Son

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    Thanks for the update Roger. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy 2019.

    I hope that Brian's CMS division isn't affected by the shutdown.

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    I was in Baltimore a week ago and went with Brian to pickup his new Ford Explorer from the shop where the final modifications were completed. The entire process to get the Explorer took almost six months. Brian brought the Explorer and the Maryland vocational rehab paid for the modifications, $35,000. Braun Ability made the modifications to add the side entry ramp and a local mobility vendor added a few other features. It's all very expensive. Brian had been using a 2009 modified Honda Element. The Element is being shipped to Phoenix so Brian can use it when he's here in Phoenix.

    Things are going well for Brian at his job. As it turns out Brian didn't change jobs rather he's on an assignment in a different group. When that work is completed he'll return to his original job working on the Bundled Care Model. At the Center for Medicare Services, CMS, models are developed that are used to administer the Medicare programs. Developing these models is more complicated that you might imagine. CMS hires consulting companies to do most bio-statistics work but the people at CMS have to understand the details. Brian has always been very strong in math so he's better at understanding the mathematics than most people. When Brian was in the Masters of Public Health program at Hopkins he took a class in bio-statistics. Near the end of the class he checked his scores on the tests and homework and realized that he had not missed a single point and any test or homework assignment. At CMS he's the go to guy when there's a question about the mathematics used in the Bundled Care Model.

    My wife flies back to Baltimore in a couple of weeks then I go to Baltimore for Easter in early April.


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    You well deserve the mantle of proud papa.

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