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Thread: Chiropractor & SCI

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    Chiropractor & SCI

    Has anyone gotten any successful results being treated by a Chiropractor?

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    I am curious of that myself. my bf 's chiropractor said he would look at me for free to see what he could do, but it has been my experience with doctors that alot of them do not know anything about sci. Also, if the chiropractor has an answer to this, it probably would have been on the forum before.

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    They can teach you how to strengthen the muscles you have to support your back ... but what are you looking to get from one?

    I saw one a few times and he would crack my neck which felt good ... but we both decided he should not manipulate the lower part of my spine (where I'm paralyzed).

    The last time I went he actually hurt me - he was trying to work on my right rotator cuff and I was actually in dire pain for about four days. I didn't go back.
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    I have been a personal injury lawyer for 20 years. I think chiropractors should be arrested and put in jail. The first time my neck collapsed a chiropractor told me he had good success in fixing injuries like I had in my neck. I thought better of it and went to see a neurosurgeon. The surgeon told me I was close to getting paralyzed. He fused my vertebrae with titanium plates. A few years later I broke my neck in an accident and I am now a quadriplegic. However, for those years after my fusion my neck was pain free.

    Chiropractors are quacks. Period. There is a saying-if you hurt your back and go to a chiropractor your back will hurt for only 30 days, if you don't go, your back will hurt for a month.

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    SOME chiropractors are quacks. I've met them & stay away. However, if you find a good one, they're awesome. There's one in my town that I've seen on & off for a few years now. I typically only go to see him if I need an adjustment - he's helped in numerous ways, most notibly with my seating. For example: if I've tended to lean to a side, it's often due to a twist in my pelvis (happens occasionally from transfers & dragging myself around) - easy fix & I sit straight again. I have C5-7 fused & he knows it... still get adjustments in my neck w/o problem.

    The key is finding a quality chiro. I guarantee that if you met mine you'd think differently about them in general.

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    I used to go to a chiropractor when I was younger and plan on going back when the weather warms up. I do believe some chiropractors are quacks. Mine also did acupunture and no I wasn't looking for a quick cure from either of the treatments, but I do believe his treatments made me feel better. Very relaxed after a treatment and insurance covered so many visits a year. I know I need some adjustments now. When I roll over in bed or just move sideways in my chair you can hear lots of bones cracking - sounds like rice krispies at times.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Donnaz
    Has anyone gotten any successful results being treated by a Chiropractor?

    I married my chiropractor postinjury. She & her dad were chiropractors and I saw too much good & too many successful treatments to make a blanket statement like Acarson does. And lawyers, of all people, should avoid making blanket statements like that.

    To answer your question, yes I've had many safe & successful treatments.

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    personal injury lawyer calling chiropractors quacks?....priceless!...lets discuss how many of us have been screwed by personal inj lawyers.....

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    Personally I don't think I want any kind of a Chiropractor doing any kind of popping on my back! It would scare the hell out of me. Before my injury I did go to one if I "back" got out of place. But not very often. I tend to think that they loosen your vertabra up to where they move around to much, causing pain, and getting out of place more often.

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    Hmmmmmmm, I went to a chiro pre-SCI, learned he did not believe in germs as cause of disease. To him, it was about misalignment of spine and everything revolved around that. While he acknowledged germs exist, he believed diseases were caused by the spine.

    I expected to hear about the four humours of the body being out of balance next.

    I didn't return. Wouldn't to this day.

    Dude was freaky.

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